Oh, jazuz, it’s been two years!


I knew it was coming – even though it only feels like yesterday to me due to my wonky time-sense – but yes, my wee blog is two years old. Wow, a bit, and ow, a bit.

I’ve changed a lot in two years. I had no job when I started. I used to get songs stuck in my head every day, earworms, and I’d post about that. Yep, I useta post daily – or even more than once a day! I stopped having a song every morning for a good while, but it is back now. I just don’t bother you all with it.

I actually talked about the dog first, as I knew that the cats would take over quite quickly. Yes yes the dog is cool, but the cats are awesome. My good old man, Spot, and his “brother” Lokii who got two separate posts!

I used to draw all the time. I did it a lot until the job sucked the heart art out of me. My first published drawing was a pun cartoon! I’d forgotten that. I thought my first was when in introduced my best friend, Socks. I miss my art, but haven’t yet found a way to bring it back into my life on a daily basis.

I first talked about plants when discussing my indoor garden. What surprised me the most is that iDJ had no idea that my cactus had such heritage. I’m sorry to report that the lantana didn’t come back this year.

I told a lot of good stories and shared some important personal information when I first started blogging. I don’t repeat myself now, as it is all already here. I understand, now, that no one ever goes back to the start and reads the whole blog. I think that’s a shame – but even I don’t have time to do that now. I used to, before I started blogging! I devoured so many, from tales of retail pain to beautifully ugly comics, that I thought everyone did that! Whoops.

I first showed my face on October 29. Sort of.

I first showed iDJ’s face on the 31st – and this is still one of my most popular Google Image searches. I rocked the making of that costume.

I’ve bitched about my bad back and the medical system here, and my bad skin. Lucky you; you haven’t heard about my bad guts. See? I do have some sense of decorum. My back is better now, by the way. The skin only is slightly better, and that only because I’ve had lots of sunshine this year.

I think I’m about done tooting my own horn. I’d like to end with what I still think is the best sentence I’ve ever written on this blog.

“This blog is me upending my cerebellum and splashing around in the puddle.”

I’m so pleased that over 200 of you have come swimming with me.

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  1. well, i was excited to see your face, my dear. 🙂

    and still can’t find your name and need to get off this thing for awhile… i’m glad to read your back is better and sad your skin isn’t. hoping your health is overall better. the sun does do wonders. that’s a great line, by the way. congrats on 2 whole years! after this last post, my blog may be toast! ♥

  2. Hi Spiders (who apparently never goes to bed!!)

    Yes, I know you are one of those that go back and read entire blogs. You did just that the very first time you landed on mine. My blog was still new and most of the posts were actually leftovers from my previous publication platform, many of these have been since removed. You were my second follower and I was still unsure of the mood of this place, and how I was suppose to act with people, and you were commenting on most of my posts, things like “see I look around” and I was “huh, doesn’t she have any life?” lol. I hope I could go back and became friend sooner 🙂

    I’m pretty sure I once went back to the beginning of your blog. I probably have read just random bits as I went though. If I saw iDJ at halloween back then, I sure didn’t pay attention. One needs to remember I work in a metropolis now, so I see people wearing this kind of clothes all the time lol. Interesting so see this now that I know (a bit) who he is.

    So you already knew the cats would rule your blog? Cats do that all the time, rule your worlds. I have Juliette’s tail in the face as I write this lol.

    You taught me to be a little more personal on my own blog. I will never be as personal as you are (I hope you will not change and keep doing it), but I say a bit more, in big part because of you.

    You take care of yourself, and you check both sides before crossing the street (buses are lethal), for I wish to keep reading about your life for another several years. I promise to post a more pictures of cats so you keep interested in me lol

    • It’s Friday! I don’t HAVE to go to bed! Yet.

      iDJ’s got some awesome hair, doesn’t he? And that was 2 years ago, it’s longer now. I braided it all up wet so it would be all curly like Dee Snyder’s, and did his makeup – and those are MY pants! Probably my shirt and jacket, too, I’m not going back to have another look at the pic.

      New podcast is up! Hope you get a chance to listen in.

      Was I really your second follower? Wow. Well, I’m closest to my early followers, myself for the most part. With a few exceptions 🙂

      It’s funny – maybe I was able to be so open as I was (not very well, anymore) blogging anonymously. No face, no name! It didn’t work out, really, but I still try to keep private while sharing some good stories that make me, me.

      • Unfortunately, because of the time offset, I will likely never be able to listen to it live. But I registered so I’m getting an email when the podcast comes up, which appears to be about 2 hours after the end of the show. Downloaded the big MP3, put it on a USB stick, and listened to it all day in the car. I love technology!

        For some reason, my car thinks the MP3 is only 6:17 long (I assume because it’s variable bit rate, but not exactly sure — many of my songs do not have the correct length calculated). The result is that the stream plays from the beginning every time I start my engine. So I ended up listening to the first 20 minutes like 5 times. Then in the afternoon I figured I could leave the engine running for a few minutes during my stops, so I got to listen to it entirely.

        I might have caught two… coincidences? Tell me, where they coincidences?

          • Haha! So these *are* coincidences.

            Remember we talked about it Wednesday, just one day before the show. How for a Canadian he would play this… etc. As I went there to pick the podcast, I noticed the third track was from a band called “Of Montreal” (that I didn’t know, but Wikipedia told me all I had to know about it). Then, as I listened to it in the car, I noticed one of the song has the French sentence “Parlez-vous français?” repeated several times in the chorus (I don’t know what song it is, I didn’t have the playlist in the car). But you both just confirmed they were merely coincidences.

            • Oh! Yes, he just plays what he feels 🙂 Pretty cool tho! He might have had that in the unconscious part of his mind, perhaps? I won’t pretend to know what goes on in someone else’s head.

              He said he thinks your USB stick is what is throwing off the car’s time stamp. Mebbe.

            • Wow! I would have thought he was working on the line up for the entire week. He picks them as they play? He’s really good!

              I doubt any relationship with the stick itself. Many other regular MP3 have the length calculation wrong in the car, and I have three different sticks of two different brands, and some of the employees bring their own music sometimes and it does that too. It’s the car’s player that sucks. It’s an American car, so I don’t really expect anything from it!

              I don’t have any problem understand everything he says, except for this… DJ D-Cast or something?

            • No, no – he does spend days on it. It’s just he does it by “feel” and might have only heard the song once, or even only part of it, before he slots it into the show. Seriously he has more music than anyone has a right to. He also doesn’t care about lyrics, just the music. I’m the opposite 🙂

              Ah! It took me a moment. His DJ name is dcass. So, he is saying DJ dcass. I love that you can hear him talk – he has an American-sounding accent to anyone Irish, it makes me laugh. He says not, but I have been an influence (not by choice). Like when he corrects himself for saying tings instead of things, or tree instead of three. I don’t want him to stop sounding Irish!

              Okay I AM going to bed now, it’s almost 2 am!

            • haha I had not noticed, now I won’t be able not to hear it… radio tweny-tree dot com lol Irish people talk like that? Can’t say I’m good at identifying accents, I really only tell the difference between “American” and “European” accents. To me he sounds “European”.

              dcass… that’s why I couldn’t make sense of it, I was trying to hear an actual word or name there.

              Thanks for our second live chat. And both in the same week. You know, Skype is good for text-based chat too.

              My little clock in my head was now in sync with the time on your blog… your time… about 20 minutes ago I was surprised to get email notifications for two different new posts, and all I thought was, since when do these two people post at nearly 2 am? oh shit it’s not even 9pm!

              Good night! (Well good morning, you are already in bed as I write this isn’t it) xxxxx

  3. Two years? Seems like yesterday I started following you but it must have been quite some time. Thanks for the fun along the way. Best thing in the post is that your back is better – take great care of it now!

    • I know! I just broke 200 followers – but my favourite friends are the ones like yourself, who don’t just click a like or follow button but have a bit of discourse. I’m always surprised you have the time to comment on my nonsense! I know I’m a bit shite at returning the favour – but your blog changes from moment to moment and from one beloved fur-person to the next! I do have to say that I’m entirely in love with the Estrela Mountain dog, that is the dog for me – and I have you to thank!

      Back IS better – I have a few theories why, but biggest is that I bloody well ignore it and just get on with things. I’m doing heavy lifting all day, and climbing, and always on my feet – and at 42, being able to do this stuff? it feels GREAT.

      • Have to agree that it’s good to have discourse with people on the blog. Great that we’ve introduced you to the Estrela! They are really lovely dogs and so gentle.
        Think your own remedy for your back has been that new job – surprising how lifting and stretching on a regular basis can build up the muscles. So much safer than binges in the gym (who the hell has time or inclination for that anyway?!).

  4. Congratulations on your two year anniversary! From the sound of your post today, we are both being introspective. Yours is much more positive though.

    Great writing! I enjoy reading each one.

    • Thank you, my dear! I’m generally quite the pessimist, but this blog has really been a great thing to keep me from living entirely in the dark places. Not always! Some things can’t be cured by writing it out 🙂 I’m pleased to have met you, and maybe one day I’ll do the ‘right thing’ and get a chance to read your older posts, too!

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