It’s a dog’s life


It’s Neko’s second birthday today! I’m sure she cares. But we’re pretty good soppy doggie parents, so she got a carrot that honks and two rawhide bones.


Since she can’t have any treats that have grain in them due to her colitis, she gets a carrot a day. That’s it. I just know it’s gonna confuse the shite out of her to have a carrot toy. She really loved it, but started to pull on the felt leaves at the top right away. That is not like her – she’s 2 and never has ever destroyed a toy. Or anything else. Either I’m a really good dog trainer or have been lucky as fuck with my last two gigantic dogs. I’m going to go with a combo of the two, I do my best not to pick a dog that chews out of boredom. It’s a fine line between too smart and too dumb: smarter dogs take you seriously when you go medieval on them over an infraction of the rules. Too smart and they just do it behind your back.

The rawhide… We don’t like to give them to her. My poor Shade couldn’t have them at all. She’s never had an issue, but I’ll keep a close eye on her. We found some just the right size to make her happy for more than a moment but not make her sick if she eats the whole damn thing in one go.

So there ya go, my first post all about Dogzilla. Happy birthday, dogeen! I believe that for her breed, she’s officially an adult now.

May let her have a spoonful of Guinness later 😀


Oh noes! I just trawled through iDJ’s pics from Dec 2009 when we brought the queen home. I have to share the cuteness:


Aaaaaw, look at the widdle puppy legs! She was so small. Compared to now. Look at the size of her tootsies!

Ok, ok. I’m done with the baby talk. Just so you know, only baby animals make me talk like this. And even then, usually only MY baby animals.

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