Hello world!


Hi! I think I’ll leave this as ‘Hello World’ as it seems appropriate.

Well, where to begin? I spent ages picking a theme that seemed eejit-friendly. I had ‘A Christmas Story’ in my head the whole time, “Now boys and girls, I’m going to give you an assignment. I want you to write … a theme.” Here’s hoping I get an A++++++++++++!

Next was picking a name for my blog. I’ve always liked ‘here there be dragons,’ from what ancient cartographers wrote on the edge of maps. “Fuck if we know what’s out there, it’s the edge of the world and no one has come back to tell us” must have been too long. Dragons. Much easier to fit on a map. And they could draw a spiffy picture of a sea beast, too! That had to be way more fun than wiggly lines and words.

Right, where was I? Ah, yes, the unknown as a theme for my blog. Not cool unknown things, like unicorns or the chupacabra or why cats prefer to barf on carpet instead of an easy-to-clean floor. More the unknown inside of my head. I think it wants out.

Actually, I’m 100% sure I’ll be blogging about catbarf again. I bet you just can’t wait.

Ditto the chupacabra. Just what the fuck IS that thing!?!? Have you seen the videos? Freaky shit, man.

Ugh. I was really, really into unicorns as a kid. Bet they come up again, too.

But ‘here there be dragons’ was taken. Not surprising. I got out my 1977 Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary (yes, I’m old) and leafed through words starting with ‘dr,’ hoping to find something close to ‘dragon.’

I could only come up with ‘dragonflies’ and ‘drinking’ as words that would remotely suit. But! ‘Spiders’ popped into my head. I love spiders. Yes, really. Most people don’t. So, spiders as a substitute for the mysteries of the mind? Why not? ‘Dragonflies’ is a bit too girly and rainbow-y for me. And I’ve not always been an alcoholic. But I’ve liked spiders since I was a wee girleen.

I took a text poll of my friends, and no one voted for ‘spiders.’ Shows you how much I care about what others think! Sorry, folks. Not really.

By the time I had all that sorted out, dinner was ready. We eat late, by the way. Hubby (hereafter known as iDJ [I think. I might change it later]) is off work this week so we really, really had dinner late. I had 15 minutes left to put up my first post before midnight… but I was too thick to figure it out in time. But hey! it’s still dated the 3rd cuz I’m magic.

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  1. I think they figured out that the Chupacabra was actually coyotes with a freaky skin disease. Now isn’t that a terrible end to the story?

    I actually have an amber spider that I believe was yours. I keep it with my sewing stuff so when I’m looking for something I’ll find it and think of you. 🙂

    I still love unicorns, but don’t tell anyone, they usually buy me ugly ones.

    • I love that you know more about the goat-sucker than I do. That is pretty lame. I think I prefer believing that mescal-loaded rednecks see scary critters with wings and red eyes.

      What is your version of an ugly unicorn? I never liked the My Pretty Pony kind even as a tween. You know, big head, big eyes, big arse. Too creepy, who wants a sexed-up hydrocephalic horse?

      • Yeah I think the chupacabra was WAY cooler when it was just a creepy animal attacking goats. Now it’s a lame monster.

        I admit, I loved “my little ponies” as a child. I even still have a couple. However, I despise the new ones and normally they would NOT be my idea of a unicorn, they just came out at the right time before I had taste. Lol!

        I don’t like cutesy unicorns. I prefer them to be that magical animal it’s suppose to be. I like them to look like horses with horns. I do like the cloven hoofed, lion tailed version. The closest I like to baby faces cute unicorns is the Wind stone ones. I’m also rather fond of Kirin’s.

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