Lavender Roses


As usual I have too much in my head, and too little time. But I wanted to share a couple pictures of my very favourite rose I’m growing. It looks blah when still a bud:

But it’s pretty wow when open:

I just love this colour! And it smells lovely and sweet, like rose candy. Damn, now I want some Persian sweets…

Both blooms, with my paw in for size comparison. They are pretty big, considering the entire rose bush doesn’t even come to my knee! I really thought I’d lost this one over the last winter, so I’m glad she’s back.

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  1. My Mom had a rose like that with an evocative name; too many drugs on board still to think of it. What is yours called?

    And scented. Those lovely lab folks shouldna followed orders to hybridize so much so that the scents disappeared. Damn fools.

    • I have no idea! I bought it at Aldi for €1.99 and left it in a bucket of water for a month… It’s lucky to be alive! I could name it after you? Even though it isn’t actually purple 🙂 Is that what happened to the scent? What a shame. I’ll stick with cheap and cheerful!

      • Oh I found it! The name is Sterling Silver. I would of course be honored for you to name your lavender rose after me!

        Yep, that’s what happened to the scent. Breeding in favor of gigantic blooms, or bug-repellant, or able to ride on spaceships and not shrivel.

        (If you need a giggle, go back to my neuronal challenge post ( and look at my very last comment!)

  2. I love love love lavender roses; I can’t aspire to grow roses — though I have a couple of straggly ones that survived more or less by accident — so I have to content myself with lavender plants that grow from bulbs and rhizomes, which are harder to kill. But I’d love to smell that one.

    • I actually impressed my uncle-in-law with my roses – his garden should be in a magazine and he’s the one who said I’d killed them in the bucket of water 🙂 I don’t do a damn thing but trim off the dead bits in the early spring and feed them once a week. Easy!

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