Peekaboo outtakes.


I had a few more shots from the other day, that didn’t fit in with the eye theme. But I like them anyway.

Lokii’s snake-like teeth and curly yawning tongue, while blurry, make me smile.

I’m sure there’s a term for getting the perspective all wrong. Help me out if you know it. I did it here, with the phone below his nose looking up: his schnozzola looks gigantic and he looks cross-eyed as well. It doesn’t look like Lokes any more, but it’s cute.

So I did the same thing to Spot. He just looks like he’s smiling.

I wish I could meditate like that. Hey, Dianda – if you want the last pic for your Monday caption contest, I couldn’t come up with anything clever myself!

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  1. Belatedly… I just love cat closeups.

    Spot is deeply reminiscent of the sight that generally greets me upon waking, when Miss Nickel the Bengal is to be found snugged up close to my face.

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