The results are in! Socks has a ….



By the way, those are socks on Socks’ arms! Not content with just having the awesome stripey things on her feet, she makes arm-warmers out of them. And truly awesome Argyle sock-bunnies with bizarre button eyes! If anyone would like one, email me and I’ll send you the link to her Etsy shop! Now back to the topic at hand…

Socks asked me to FaceTime with her as she had something to ‘show’ me. I said to myself, “Self, it must be a boy then. A girl clearly has a lack of something to ‘show’ to you.” We got on line, and she asked if I was ready… and instead of showing me an ultrasound pic of a willy, she stood up and lifted her shirt to show me her belly! I think I screamed. I know I scared the dog…

Love you, dear! Happy as hell for you, Bear, and Girl-Button!

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    • Hahah, she’s fine, now it’s Lokii who is wandering the house talking. I’m a double-girl Auntie! I’d say ‘someone has to teach them about working on bikes’, but both daddies are well able for that, and not the type to think a girl can’t do it! Love my family, natural and adopted 🙂

  1. Daddy is already planning trips into the woods to teach her tree identification as well as how to change her own brakes on the car! I’m sure there will be many nights when he reads philosophy to her as a night time story. This baby girl is going to be one well rounded chick. Oh this is getting so exciting. I’m going to be a MOM!!

    • Rockin! Cerys made sure to show me all of her toys when I Skyped the other day – the rugby ball, the official soccer ball… and her new dolly, too. But hey, no suppression of things they like, either – even if it is pink and lacey!

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