Rua has been Brushed!


This is Rua, my sister’s greyhound.

I’m not very happy with this drawing, it looks like those paint-by-numbers kits I did as a kid. Oh well! Every day I learn something new, and attempting brindle colouring was always going to be a challenge!

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  1. I had forgotten those paint by number kits – they did seem to use a lot of these colors with the pet ones. Don’t worry – the shapes and expressive lines work well. Dog coat is hard…easier to do smooth things like sharks? (just a poor attempt to cheer you up)

    • Surprise! I’ve been working on it for a while; I didn’t like the way it was going and I’m learning so much that if I started it today, it wouldn’t look anything like this. But I decided to run ahead and finish it last night.
      I’m glad Bug liked it! He’s her Woof Woof, after all!

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