Bella has been Brushed!


I’m having a shitty evening. Financial situation just got even worse. I suppose I could talk about it here, but its too depressing and it will just make me angry having to go over everything in detail. Let’s leave it alone for now, as there is nothing to be done.

Instead, have a gander at the lovely Bella. Bella is a rescue greyhound, and shares her home with a fellow KIBIS member. We hope to have her and my girl Neko become doggie-friends – as soon as we find neutral ground they can run and play in together safely.


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  1. Lovely Bella!
    As for €… everything’s gonna be alright!
    I stress about €.. but only if someone mentions it..James talked about it a lot. Now I can ignore the fact that I owe the bank about a years wages. And I dont have any collateral. I rent a house. I have no savings. Kids college age soon : / and I just hope I’ll finally get a medical card soon now I’m a ‘single’ parent!
    So put on that smile, it’s Friday! : )

  2. Money blows. Sense I’ve been basically crippled for 3 years now we are really walking that tiny thin line. We have NO savings left, a mortgage and two slowly dying cars…. then all my doctors bills…. and I have many. So I feel you. I have faith it’ll get better because it HAS to, but I feel you.

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