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Neko back to normal…almost…


It appears Neeks is about back to normal. She’s sure hungry. Tonight she gets her kibble again, but I think we’ll hold off on any treats for a bit. Even though the vet said her one carrot a day habit was a really good choice as a treat. I’m just nervous about giving her anything other than straight dog kibble. Mostly because she hasn’t pooped since her case of the runs on Tuesday. I know she was wrung dry, and then had a 24 hour fast, but three days of rice and fish should have produced something by now, shouldn’t it? Especially when three scoops of kibble and one carrot turns into at least two massive piles per day. If my knee hadn’t decided to act up, I would have taken her on a long walk today to try and shake a poo out of her.
Oh, the pill dosage is correct: they didn’t have a dosage large enough for her (she weighs 34kilos/75lbs, which is small for an Akita) so he gave us two different sizes of Flagyl.
She still seems a little sleepy, but she has asked to play a few times.

On a happy note, she had a ‘letter to Santa’ published over on Rumpydog’s blog. I did my best to give her a really obvious Irish accent – she is from Galway, after all. Although ‘schnow’ is more of a Mayo pronunciation of snow… Oh! And we did get a little dusting of the white schtuff yesterday! Not enough to take her out on the bog to play, though – the turf isn’t frozen and that stuff is black. Not the best look on a white-legged dog!



Neko update…


Well, she’s back to acting like normal since she got the drugs, and last night she was pestering our guest from Dublin for his Guinness. No, she doesn’t get any – but it doesn’t stop the begging. She was on a 24 hour fast, then three days of rice with chicken or fish. She gobbled her dinner, of course. Mmm, people food. The stinky farts are something else, though – I’m not used to smelly animal farts! All my furry kids are normally quite polite about such things.

Vet says that he is no longer sure it is colitis. Her issues are in both the upper and lower intestines; colitis is just the lower and would mean the diarrhoea is uncontrollable. She couldn’t hold it, but sure tried to. Apparently I didn’t chase her out of the spare room nearly fast enough, and she pooped on iDJ’s slippers. I know, sounds like the tag line to a joke, doesn’t it?

She’s on Buscopan, Flagyl, and … Well, I don’t know what the third one is. The label says Flagyl again. That’s not good, glad I looked. Better ring the vet tomorrow! I should have looked sooner.

Neko at the vet


Dammit! The tummy upsets Neko has been fighting finally won, this evening. I was in the bathtub, getting all shiny clean for my KIBIS dinner tonight, and she came upstairs and lay outside the bathroom door. Then she whined twice and went back downstairs. Well, I rushed my ablutions as best I could but it was in vain.

A lovely smelly lake of poo was in my living room.

This is why I don’t have any carpet anywhere….

So much for being shiny clean. After cleaning up I feel as though my hair smells of diarrhoea. Ugh. About 20 mins later I let her out again, and she didn’t want to come back inside – despite the wind and sleet. When she did I wiped her butt and it was bloody. Fuck.

Rush call to the hubby: he gets off work at six and the vet stays open til 6:30, but we are a bit more than a half hour away. Rush call to the vet: they will stay open for him. I did think it was funny that they knew who I was just from my accent. I visit them too often, it seems…

So. I’m sure it is the colitis again, and they will set us up with drugs for a week or so. She’ll be fine for a few months, then this will start again. Poor pup, wish there was more I could do to stave off these attacks.