Neko at the vet


Dammit! The tummy upsets Neko has been fighting finally won, this evening. I was in the bathtub, getting all shiny clean for my KIBIS dinner tonight, and she came upstairs and lay outside the bathroom door. Then she whined twice and went back downstairs. Well, I rushed my ablutions as best I could but it was in vain.

A lovely smelly lake of poo was in my living room.

This is why I don’t have any carpet anywhere….

So much for being shiny clean. After cleaning up I feel as though my hair smells of diarrhoea. Ugh. About 20 mins later I let her out again, and she didn’t want to come back inside – despite the wind and sleet. When she did I wiped her butt and it was bloody. Fuck.

Rush call to the hubby: he gets off work at six and the vet stays open til 6:30, but we are a bit more than a half hour away. Rush call to the vet: they will stay open for him. I did think it was funny that they knew who I was just from my accent. I visit them too often, it seems…

So. I’m sure it is the colitis again, and they will set us up with drugs for a week or so. She’ll be fine for a few months, then this will start again. Poor pup, wish there was more I could do to stave off these attacks.


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  1. Oh, poor baby 😦 No, don’t think bad about the future, you’ll never know, really. Even if it has happened to her regularly it doesn’t mean it will not go away. But anyway, now it’s too early to talk about any prognosis at all, I will also be waiting for updates.

  2. Uck! That’s horrible. We occasionally go through the same thing with Dierna although we’ve never found a cause. It’s just horrible. Not only for her but for everything around it. Poor puppy. Dierna sends her good luck vibes to your puppy.

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