Neko update…


Well, she’s back to acting like normal since she got the drugs, and last night she was pestering our guest from Dublin for his Guinness. No, she doesn’t get any – but it doesn’t stop the begging. She was on a 24 hour fast, then three days of rice with chicken or fish. She gobbled her dinner, of course. Mmm, people food. The stinky farts are something else, though – I’m not used to smelly animal farts! All my furry kids are normally quite polite about such things.

Vet says that he is no longer sure it is colitis. Her issues are in both the upper and lower intestines; colitis is just the lower and would mean the diarrhoea is uncontrollable. She couldn’t hold it, but sure tried to. Apparently I didn’t chase her out of the spare room nearly fast enough, and she pooped on iDJ’s slippers. I know, sounds like the tag line to a joke, doesn’t it?

She’s on Buscopan, Flagyl, and … Well, I don’t know what the third one is. The label says Flagyl again. That’s not good, glad I looked. Better ring the vet tomorrow! I should have looked sooner.

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  1. Yikes! I took Flagyl back in the dark ages of working in the Alaska Bush–managed to contract giardia from a stream where the caribou poop. (Now that sounds like a punch line! “Oh give me a home…”)

    Hope she’s feeling better and better. That’s pretty hard, the no definitive diagnosis.

    • You made me think it’s a viral sort of disease. Those viruses go underground for a while and then come back with a vengeance. (Unfortunately, I was thinking again of my own frail self… ah, so much frikkin’ experience!)

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