Aughris Head, County Sligo


More photos! I walked all of Dunmoran Strand to meet my friend at the other side. No longer Dunmoran, I was now at Aughris Head (it was a good long rocky walk). We met outside of The Beach Bar, a lovely little thatched-roof pub that I didn’t go into at all. Another day!

My friend TK knows the area well, she lives there. Despite being less irish than I am, she knows all the good places and set me off on a cliff-walk, to meet at the end where she would drive me back to my car.


This is how I knew I was going the right way. Sort of. You get used to strange directions in Ireland…


 A lichen-covered rock that caught my eye. I think it looks like a yellow monkey, head down, tail curling up over the top. Just me?


 The greenest damn green I’ve ever seen in nature. Do you see the giant footprint? Just me again?


Looking back the way I came – I did say it was a long walk! No bother to me, I can walk for ages these days. The water is so lovely and blue-green. So wonderful to have a day like this and be in the right place.


 There is a little hidden beach. Anyone want to go nudist? I was tempted!


 Standing at the top of the little hidden beach. Can you see me?


Bet you can find me in this one. I seem to have gotten over any fear of heights I used to have. Well, no. I trust nature – if there was a fence, I’d be worried it would fall and take me with it. A cliff isn’t a problem. I have a very odd height-phobia.


 That’s my foot. That’s the edge. No bother.


What are we looking at here is the view that the cattle get. Yep. This is one of many cow or sheep pastures I walked through. Can you imagine what this land would be worth in the USA? Here, only the cows enjoy it. Mad altogether. I also had to walk through some relatively fresh slurry that had been spread for fertiliser – slurry being liquid cow-leavings. Smelled just lovely. Gag.


I’m going here next! 

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  1. Hurrah! More pix! I like the one with your toe in it. (Not big on man made heights, but mountains and cliffs, no problem…weird, right?
    Nothing better than a long walk with cool places to go (not flat. I’ll not bore you by moaning more about that)
    Sigh. Can almost hear the waves …(and we shall ignore the cow crud…been there. There always a price to pay it seems.

    • I grew up with flat, too – we went to NC a few years in a row so us girls could experience mountains. Yes! You have the same heights thing I do. Don’t trust man-made, but that cliff has been there a long damn time, I won’t break it.
      I think I was a literal shit-kicker during that walk! Ha!

  2. I would tell you to run, but I bet you have already been squished by the well-meaning but gigantic giant.

    Once again, jealous of such a beautiful place to live! 😀

    • It was a perfect day! Like anywhere, you have to be at the right place at the right time.

      I survived, luckily – I think Finn McCool was wandering around a few thousand years before I wandered past.

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