Aughris Head, Sligo – The Birds!


For my latest instalment of my beach/cliff walk (which was now nearly two weeks ago), I am up at the top of a nice high cliff taking pictures of birds.


Not just any old birds.



 They might look like seagulls, but they are not.




 These are fulmars, (Fulmarus glacialis). An arctic bird, they breed on Irish coasts.



A rare shot of one going the other way!


This is where they are nesting. Yes, I was up that high but it didn’t bother me a bit.


That’s me! Lying in the thick, deceitful grass along the edge of the cliff and getting the previous shot. Thanks to TJ for being there to take this shot and for saying ‘careful now!’ I love this shot as you can’t see my face, and I clearly do not care about my jeans riding up while I am planted on a cliff-face!


I did indeed get closer and leaned over the edge. Guess my acrophobia is limited to man-made heights.


Seems I’m still not done. Thank you for being patient!  


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  1. Great shots!

    I had to laugh about the jeans riding up comment. I wonder how those National Geographic photographers do it! 🙂

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