Matchless ignorance


IDJ and I ‘tag-team’ the laundry duties. He puts the clothes in the wash, and I do all the rest. Not entirely fair, but I really dislike measuring out the soap and whatnot. I don’t know why. It’s not like I get a thrill out of sorting and folding the shit, either.

So, anyway, we do laundry at weekends because that’s the only time I feel like sorting it for him. And this weekend (well past now as I meant to post this Saturday), I was folding the clean but still fur-coated clothes and matching up the socks when I had a revelation (and, just now, another- I cannot spell revelation. How annoying. It just looks wrong).

It was the socks. I had bought four new pair of socks before Christmas for myself. I have trouble finding socks I like, as they can’t be too long or they ball up below my knees and hurt, or they are too short and puddle around my ankles. Men’s long socks do the job, women’s not so much. Anyhoo, two pair were identical black men’s long socks, and two were fun stripey women’s ones, but still in colours I can wear to work. Since I bought them, I’ve been rotating these along with my one remaining pair of long socks (bought in America October 2010) that I haven’t sewn up too many times, to make a weeks’ worth of work foot-wear. And I had to tell you all that because one putz person I know, after hearing a short version of this story, had to try to joke that I has only two pair of socks that I made last five days. Sigh.

Been wearing these socks at least once a day since mid-December. Wash them, in one load, every weekend. Match them up, ball them together, every weekend.

And I only just now noticed this:

The stripey ones aren’t identical. How could I have missed this quite essential bit of information for nearly two months? What have I been wearing to work? Why did my brain decide, ‘same colours, same brand, both have stripes = same thing!’

I really am a bit worried about this, despite poking fun at myself. I’m meant to be artistic. How could I miss something so…basic? For so long? I really have to wonder what else I might be looking right at, every day, and not seeing.

I’m blaming it on the thin pink stripe. I hate pink. It threw off my game.

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  1. they seem like an artistic matched set to me. look at ’em again–there is a word to describe this–analogous? I would wear them in an instant and to work, to boot, but then we are talking about me hee hee!

    • It’s one pair of each, one narrow striped, one wide – that’s what freaked me out. Jeez, all that talking and I still can’t explain it right. I think I have lost it. No, you’re not the only one, it was my bad photo! And that took me ages as my shadow kept getting in the way…

        • Not much art there. It’s funny, we have one new person, and I really like her. Last week she had canvasses next to her desk – bought on the cheap for future projects. And now I know WHY I liked her. We just know these things. Don’t we?

          • we do know these things and have to trust ourselves! the new arty person just expanded the depth of your workplace, like an inhalation of pure air. even if you don’t become friends, the character of work has changed and I say: yaaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. It’s dark. Brain just not interested in working – only napping- this time of year. Could happen to anyone….honestly noticed this week a pair of white socks I’ve been wearing aren’t a pair – yes both white-ish but different ribbing and oddly different heights…and I know I’ve worn this pair multiple times without noticing – at least it wasn’t to work.
    I’m with you. Blame the pink -it’s pink revenge.

  3. Wait, wait, wait! You mean women actually measure the soap? No wonder it takes you so long!!

    Let’s see how guys do it. Put clothes in, do not bother about splitting the colors as we all know black and white aren’t colors. Put soap in. There are measurements printed on the bottle, but as I only do laundry when there is absolutely nothing left to wear, a full cap will probably do. Do something else and remember to go back in half an hour. Go 90 minutes later to put the clothes in the dryer and remember to come back in 45 minutes. Go 2 hours later. Bring back the basket full of clean clothes and place near the bed. Every morning, pick random clean cloth from the basket, pick a uniform on week days and a t-shirt on week-ends.

    All of my socks are of the same color: black. Last time I bought some, I accidentally picked a pack of longer black socks. If I pick a longer sock, I just throw it back in the basket, as I figured the odds of picking two longer socks in a row are of about 15%. Though I usually wear longer socks on week-ends.

    If anyone noticed about the mismatched socks, they probably thought: “Oh that girl is so cool! She wears mismatched socks. Oh I hope she didn’t notice I was looking at her socks!”

    • Yeah, there would be measuring if I did it. I’m guessing he does too, when not spilling the crap all over the machine and the floor of the shed. After the washing is done, however, our pattern is identical up until the part where stuff gets folded and put away. Sort of. I pile his shit up and only put his socks and undies in the drawer. There is only so much I will do.

      I don’t think I could stand having all my socks match. Firstly, because I’ve rarely found ones I like. Secondly, because once I do I can’t buy them anymore…

  4. Lol! I was thinking the same thing; that pink stripe in both of them made me want to see them as unified and related! Oh no, haha!

  5. I’m more of a sock matching impressionist. Would a man on a galloping horse notice the discrepancy? If not, put ’em on.
    PS, Matchless Ignorance conjured up all kinds of images. Mostly eejits in the dark. Possibly one with a lighter or a flint.

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