Head space outer limits


I think I’ve titled a post ‘Where’s my head at?’ before. Shame. I doubt I did it justice… but there’s no chance I’m going to make anything resembling sense right now.

Screen shot of a “free” app I have, called Paper. The app is a bit, um, up it’s own arse, to be honest. But daaaamn, my handwriting never looked so good. In one take, too! In the head-space I’m in, also! Normally my writing looks like a 7-year-old on acid was writing with her off hand.

I’m not sleeping, my intestines are on strike, I have eczema on my hands and one foot (no cause determined, but no fungus thank fuck, that’s just too narsty. And too easily cured, of course). Possibly stress-related, possibly contact-related. Oh, joy. It’s not enough that my joints, my digestive system, and my heart have all jumped on the stress-symptom-bandwagon, now my goddamn hands and left foot have gotten into the act. What’s next? Oh yes, the twitch in my left eye for the last three weeks, perhaps? Who knows what my pancreas is plotting, or what my spleen is scheming?

Anyhoo there’s too much going on in there for me to discuss at length. So (hopefully, as I seem to have lost the knack for embedding a vid) here’s a video that I think of quite often when my brain is all over the shop (or the locker, or the shower, or in a a dog’s mouth…)

So – I can’t do it right. Here’s a couple of screen shots. Copyright I’m sure Stephen King or the TV company, sorry.



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  1. Oh. ick. Have you tried old fashion oatmeal baths? Soothing.
    Lack of sleep messes up everything. HUGs and hope you get some rest.
    (maybe I’l try that app, looking for something for an iPad. any suggestions….or does it make you itchy to think about it? *giggles*) Really hope you feel better,

    • I need to take myself elsewhere, I think! Away from job I actively dislike, the car that’s broken AGAIN, the shite from my past that keeps coming back to haunt me, the body that has given up on me… I need a vacation!

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