Socks has a Sweet ‘Tater (mmm-hmm)


That mmm-hmm is meant to be in the style of yer man from Slingblade, just so you know 🙂

The potato in question is more long than round, so using it as a size guide is for length only – 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces at 18 weeks (14.25 cm, 190 grams).

Apparently, the book to buy and read is called ‘What to Expect When You are Expecting.’ Socks says everyone reads it, but no one talks about how it doesn’t make any damn sense. We were trying to figure out how many months along she is, now that we can talk months instead of just weeks. The book isn’t logical. We already had complaints about the fruit-sizes (however, she did find a Florida avocado that was indeed larger than a navel orange). I think it’s funny that she now has an app on her phone for the fruit-comparisons.

The book does say that Button’s hands and feet, fingers n toes are now fully formed. Button is now starting to yawn and hiccup, but she probably won’t feel that yet. Socks did feel Button give a great big ol’ movement this week, though!

Baby’s bones are starting to harden, too. The book says that the first ones are the small bones of the ear. Socks thinks that maybe it is because they are the smallest ones. I’m wondering if there is an evolutionary reason for it, especially after learning that babies in utero hear and learn -and mimic- mom’s accent.

Socks is all excited to take a new belly-photo, too. She’s been taking one every four weeks. I think she should move that up to at least every two weeks, since Button is growing so fast now! She says she doesn’t feel fat, she feels pregnant. But already, the sink is a little further away than it used to be when she does dishes. She’s also flaunting the belly a bit when she goes out. Quote of the week: ‘I worked hard to get this thing and I’m proud of it!’

I believe the next ultrasound is the 19th, and it’s an important one. We get to learn if Button is a boy-Button or a girl-Button. I’ve rather arbitrarily decided (I can only be half wrong, right?) that Button is female. Maybe because my beautiful niece is the only baby I know right now, and I have trouble picturing a boy. What do you think?

Socks hasn’t bought a single toy, piece of furniture, item of clothing or even extra baby powder. She wants to know girl/boy first, as knowing sort of makes Button have a personality and she just can’t decide on ‘things’ without knowing even the gender of the person she is buying them for. Makes sense to me! She does have some items of furniture being gifted to her by family, but she doesn’t have them at her house yet.

…mentioning her house is tempting me to keep writing about non-Button stuff, because Socks and Bear are house-hunting at the moment. I love hearing about the places they go to see, and seeing the web photos on the realtor’s site. But, I’ll not change the reason behind the Socks posts. I can say they love their realtor, and I do too – because when one house had a creepy, wet, mouldy room hidden in the basement, the realtor told Socks that she shouldn’t go in because she was pregnant and didn’t need to be exposed to oooky stuff. Aww.

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  1. *smiles* I have a wiggly baby today! He/she either loved doing yoga with me or hated it cause I was squishing him/her. Wiggle wiggle! Makes me giggle!

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