Neko: whine whine tick tick tick tick (toenails as she runs around the house)

Spot: mmmrow? Mmmrow? Mmrroww? Mmmmrrrrooowww?!?!

Lokii: maaaahhhhhhh! Mahhhhhhh! Mmmaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! (repeat until ears bleed)

iDJ: …I could roast it, or put it in foil, or in the halogen oven, here’s another recipe, I could do this… Oh I can go to the store tonight and get cat litter if you want?

Everyone just shut the hell up! I’ve only been home ten minutes!!!!

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  1. We have a rule in this house, He/She who has just walked in the door gets 10 mins till anyone accosts him/her. If hubby has equipment to bring in I do go out and help to lug it in but then return to what I was doing. No talking, let the man pee, check his email, take off his coat, put on comfy pants, then wander into the room on his own to say hello. This has been a thing with us since day one. It just helps to set the tone for the whole rest of the evening. Sadly iDJ is really going to have to learn how to curb that verbal diarrhea of his till you’ve settled in. So sorry hun. Welcome back to the 9-5’ers world.


    • I totally just figured it out. Because he is loud: talking non-stop, stomps instead of walks, the constant music… the furry kids act like him when he comes home. I am quiet, so the dog is mellow, Lokii never even bothers to come say hello. Spot is the only one who feels the need to talk to me when I come home, but he’s known me longest of animals and human! You n Bear are a completely different dynamic. He doesn’t brain dump verbally what ever he is thinking! D left & came back, immediately it started again on his return…it’s like he can’t think without saying it out loud…aaaaa

      • Poor hun, you are so right. If Bear verbally brain dumped we wouldn’t be together. I can NOT stand verbal diarrhea. That is one thing I’m worried about after this baby comes. Bear and I are SO used to a quiet house. When this kid starts talking and making noise will I be able to handle that? I know, I know, baby steps, baby steps 😉

        Not sure what the answer is here. Perhaps pour you both a drink and tell him not to talk till it’s gone and NO schlunking. There is always a good strip of duct tape 😉

  2. My hubby knows that when I get home from work in the evening. I just want to sit down and relax for a few minutes. And usually dinner is already done when I get back home. 😛

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