I’m a bit depressed, and confused…


I missed a call on the land line when I was outside doing laundry. It was from the same company I had the good interview with last week. It wasn’t the fellow who interviewed me, though – it was the head of the sales department.

Um. I’m not a sales person. I’ve never done sales. I couldn’t sell water to someone on fire.

I rang back, he was on another line, can he ring me back. Sure.

While I was waiting, I checked the classifieds in the three papers I read every week. Nothing for me: accountant, nurse, chef, childminder, and a dozen different kinds of engineer. Sigh.

Then I turned to something I’ve been putting off. My social welfare appeal form.

See, about three weeks ago they cut off my dole. Totally. It was only €53.80 a week, but still it would nearly fill our gas tank. Nearly. So now I’m getting nothing at all, and I had to appeal. Which is hard because they decided that hubby makes too much for me to qualify, and that isn’t true. Well, not exactly. It’s complicated, but basically comes down to this: he IS on the dole 1 out of 4 weeks. But instead of taking the pittance from the government, he’s been using up his holiday time. Otherwise, we’d be using the credit card to pay utilities. He’s now out of holidays and the next time they put him off work, he’ll have to go on the dole.

I’m not asking for my €53.80 now, but I don’t want my case to be closed when our situation changes all the time. Let’s hope the next change is due to me getting a damn job.

The sales manager called back and said the man who interviewed me passed on my CV to him. New guy reiterated the reason for the delay in hiring for the position I had interviewed for. He then asked if I wanted to interview with him.

Well, sure, I’ll come and talk to you about it. Next Monday? Okay.

But why? Why me, why now, what’s the story here? Did I impress the first guy so much that he wants to hire me into the company now and bring me into his department when the job is officially available? Did he not want to hire me for his department at all but thought I would do elsewhere? Did he just feel sorry for my can’t-even-get-welfare arse?

I donno. Will see on Monday. Maybe it’s an admin position in the sales department, I could do that…

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  1. Sales teams use all kinds of people, not just the ones who torture us with unsolicited phone calls! Sales and Marketing departments use even more kinds of people….Think positive.
    PS I had a new earworm this morning. it’s normally Metamorphosis by Philip Glass, but today it was Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim, complete with Christopher Walken’s dance routine…Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous!

  2. There’s nothing that depresses you quite the same way as a mixed message. But yes, I hav a lot of clients in “sales” jobs and yet they never seem to have to go out and SELL anything — they spend their day informing customers about the product, or helping people who have a contract, etc. Strictly speaking that would be Customer Care or something but it seems to get lumped under sales.

  3. Oh E, this country is so f*cked up. I was talking to a guy today who did college with me..he was offered a job in 3rd yr with a local multinational..he turned them down, wanted to do his MA.. He did his MA, then crash, no work.. He is now back doing a bridging course in hope he’ll get a job with the same multinational that offered him a job in 03… It’s f*cked up! If I had no kids I’d go to Canada.. My daughter went to Toronto in May for 3mnths, decided to defer final uni yr because there is so much work there.. I concur..
    I honestly don’t know what you like about this country.. It’s sh1te

    • At the moment it’s shite nearly everywhere. I’d still have a job in the US, but I wouldn’t be getting paid what I’m worth and would probably have to take a second job (as I did before I left, and I still barely broke even). Ireland got too big for its britches, as my mother would have said, spending money like water, and now everyone is wondering where it went. I never had much, and I’m not asking for much now, so things here don’t seem that different to me.

  4. I’ve known many people under the sales department that are very talented. Sales people, being the BS artists that they are, need those talented people to actually do the work. We have an outside sales force of about 10. My interaction with them is limited to IT support, but they are VERY needy. I suspect the informaion they retain best relates to golf, whiskey and golf.

  5. I feel for you, Spidey. Being on the dole sux. ( I’m on permanent disability.) Takes a lot of possibilities out of your life. Very depressing.

  6. That is… Really confusing.

    It seems crap everywhere, and I know people all over. Seems like everyone is saying they can’t find a job. Sometimes a place has plenty of jobs…. but only for certain skill sets. Like here it seems like we are awash in jobs… but only if you can work on the pipeline.

    Honestly, to me it sounds like the guy you interviewed with liked you, but for some reason can’t hire you. So he passed your name along hoping to get you a job somehow. That’s how I read it.

    Speaking of weird rulings however, guess why I’m not disabled? Because my two different doctors didn’t have the same thing in their folders. Yeah, makes tons of sense. Plus they think that because I’m young I can somehow get a job that will fit my cripplitude. Silly.

      • Yeah it bothers me that other countries recognize standing on your feet for 8+ hours a day isn’t great for you, and america expects you to just take it!

        If I had a place of business there I’d hire you… but I guess that doesn’t help you much.

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