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Second job interview…


Well, just back from another interview, at the same company I visited last week, but for a different department. It was another marathon interview, 40 minutes this time. I’m still taking that as a good sign: especially as the time flew yet again.

It is a sales position. I’d be the in-office partner to a salesman on the road. I would have to ring customers directly and see if they need anything. Yikes. I won’t say I can’t do it, but I will say I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea. However, my contract would be for six months only, as a training period, and I wouldn’t be commission based or receiving bonuses in that time. Which I am fine with, more than fine with, I prefer it. I don’t know if I could take the pressure of not making all the money I could in a week – I’d make a ton once and then grow to depend on it quickly and be pretty upset if I failed. I’m used to having a set job to do, doing it the best I can, and expecting to be paid for my efforts. Trying like hell for nothing would crush my fragile ego, not to mention my bank balance! I can also get pretty pissy over unfairness, so there’s a bad attitude ready to happen. So yes, a flat salary is great for me.

I’m under the impression that I am still under consideration for the first job I interviewed for. They are waiting on contracts from elsewhere before they can hire for that job, and don’t have a date yet. It is very possible that I’d do the sales for six months and move to the other department after. They prefer to hire from within, and prefer that employees know how other departments operate. Knowing sales would be very beneficial for the second (first?) job.

Well, I won’t know until next week, but I’m pretty positive. I like the way the company operates, I would be selling needed things, not useless crap, and I really, really liked both men I interviewed with. They never made me uncomfortable or asked stupid questions, and they were both intelligent and informative. Fingers and toes crossed!

I’m a bit depressed, and confused…


I missed a call on the land line when I was outside doing laundry. It was from the same company I had the good interview with last week. It wasn’t the fellow who interviewed me, though – it was the head of the sales department.

Um. I’m not a sales person. I’ve never done sales. I couldn’t sell water to someone on fire.

I rang back, he was on another line, can he ring me back. Sure.

While I was waiting, I checked the classifieds in the three papers I read every week. Nothing for me: accountant, nurse, chef, childminder, and a dozen different kinds of engineer. Sigh.

Then I turned to something I’ve been putting off. My social welfare appeal form.

See, about three weeks ago they cut off my dole. Totally. It was only €53.80 a week, but still it would nearly fill our gas tank. Nearly. So now I’m getting nothing at all, and I had to appeal. Which is hard because they decided that hubby makes too much for me to qualify, and that isn’t true. Well, not exactly. It’s complicated, but basically comes down to this: he IS on the dole 1 out of 4 weeks. But instead of taking the pittance from the government, he’s been using up his holiday time. Otherwise, we’d be using the credit card to pay utilities. He’s now out of holidays and the next time they put him off work, he’ll have to go on the dole.

I’m not asking for my €53.80 now, but I don’t want my case to be closed when our situation changes all the time. Let’s hope the next change is due to me getting a damn job.

The sales manager called back and said the man who interviewed me passed on my CV to him. New guy reiterated the reason for the delay in hiring for the position I had interviewed for. He then asked if I wanted to interview with him.

Well, sure, I’ll come and talk to you about it. Next Monday? Okay.

But why? Why me, why now, what’s the story here? Did I impress the first guy so much that he wants to hire me into the company now and bring me into his department when the job is officially available? Did he not want to hire me for his department at all but thought I would do elsewhere? Did he just feel sorry for my can’t-even-get-welfare arse?

I donno. Will see on Monday. Maybe it’s an admin position in the sales department, I could do that…

I be a thrifty bitch


I don’t have a particular topic tonight. I have so very, very much in my head – especially at 6am when the cats have woken me up and I can’t read in bed because my optimum iPad placement is impossible due to iDJ actually using his pillow as a pillow, instead of as a prop for my machinery (the nerve of the man) and having an iPad fall over and clunk into my forehead as I drift off is not only painful but isn’t conducive to sleep – but at 9:30pm, the weight of the day is heavy upon me and I can’t seem to think clearly.

Hence, me spitting out a massive run-on sentence that includes both dashes and parentheses.

I do wish that I could get up and write during those early morning brainstorms. There’s no way I’m trying it without coffee, or at the very least chocolate milk while the coffee brews. It feels traitorous, slackeresque, to get up and play in the dark when I know damn well I have to have 8 hours sleep or I will be useless. Then again, once the job listings have been checked and discarded, I am useless during the day.

During my extended unemployment I have tried not to goof off during the daylight hours. I’ve done a ton of things, some fun, some not, but all things that were needed around the house. I’ve done a ton of painting (fun) and when we got a pressure washer on the cheap, I couldn’t wait to blast the concrete patio, walls, and windows (massive fun, but really bad for my back). It’s wet here, there’s moss and mould growing on everything, and cleaning things to the point of new gives me great satisfaction. Fun and messy!

I’ve also fixed the sticky oven door, and scraped years of goop off the top of the stove (it came with the house, that shit was burned on). I installed new taps in the bathroom, too! They aren’t tight, so when you shut the tap off the whole thing moves, but that’s because it took me a whole damn day to put them on and I don’t have the right tools to tighten them up.

My best ‘save’ was when our microwave died. I found a fantastic redneck on YouTube that told me how to fix them, so I took it apart. There were a few things that could be wrong, but first and cheapest was to see if the internal fuse had blown. We went back to the shop we got it from five years ago and asked if they had fuses for that model. We were told that if the fuse had blown, there was something wrong and we should just get a new one. Saaaaay, that reeked of shite to us. “Oh, a fuse in my house blew, I need a new house now!” Feic off. To the Internet we went, and got a fuse from Scotland for about €12 delivered. I popped the old one out, wires and all, put in the new one – and it is still working. A couple of weeks later, the door fell off. I superglued it, it’s still grand. Saved a couple hundred Euros there!

When the dryer broke (also just five years old, are we seeing the planned obsolescence time frame yet?) we took it apart too, but getting a new motor was the same price as a new machine with a warranty, so we had to eat that one. At least we tried.

The fridge is a massive POS, we can’t get replacements for the busted freezer drawers anywhere. I can NOT deal with them, I completely lose my head, patience, and will to live when I need something from the freezer section; so that is iDJ’s job. He whines like a sick dog when his widdle finners get cold, too. Awww. He knows well that cold fingers are preferable to my searing hot rage.

Thanks, punkin’. 😀

I am a thrifty bitch by nature and nurture. When you have more time than money, you teach yourself whole new skills, and new ways of doing things. I make candles out of the crummy ends of ones we bought, I recycle and compost, I’d rather grow from seed than buy a plant. I save every-bloody-thing that might come in use, one day – and I keep a mental catalogue of the crap I have to hand. Just this week, I repainted our styrofoam headstones. These are Halloween decorations that are a few years old and constantly battered by the winds we have this time of year – we find them in the neighbours’ gardens all the time, with chunks missing and the white showing through. Well, hell, that’s not scary!

I’ve been different levels of broke most of my life, but I have a family history of cheap, too. My grandfather used to come to our house on Sundays. He’d be there for lunch and dinner, and drive himself back home. He would eat lunch, and then carefully fold up and pocket the single, non-brand paper napkin Mom had given him. He took it back out and used it again at dinner. Yikes! I really hope I never get that bad.

I wonder if he took it home with him…