A walk in the bog


More pictures from the good camera. It’s a Panasonic DMZ-TZ3 with a 10x optical zoom and a Leica lens, for any camera geeks out there. Socks got one and raved about it, we got one and loved it, and I think we’ve talked at least three others into getting this camera. Great little thing.

Back in August I was feeling pretty shitty all of the time with the stupid back. I woke up feeling good one day, and wanted to get out of the house. It was such a rarity to feel good, I didn’t want to waste it. I was also still pretty damn grumpy and didn’t want to be around people, or even my dog. My best option was to go for a walk along the disused railroad tracks that run behind and through my town.

I walked up to where the tracks crossed a road and entered there, instead of further out into the bog as I usually do when walking the dogeen. I was immediately glad I didn’t take her along, and even more glad that I wore high boots, as the blackberries were crazy-mad over the tracks at first. Breaking trail was painful for me in heavy cowboy boots and jeans. Her poor feet would have been very sore and her legs sliced into lace. I struggled on, looking for things to photograph.

I don’t even know what kind of plant this is. It’s like a huge Queen Anne’s Lace. This one wasnt open fully yet, and had a perfect cup that I could have fit my fist into.

The blackberries weren’t close to being ripe, but their leaves were changing colour already.

I loved the rocks, ivy, bushes and weeds that overgrew the tracks.

Looking away from the town and out into the cow pastures and bog, I found this twisted pine. The tenacity of life in harsh situations appeals to me.

A beautiful tree wound in ancient ivy. But behind it…

Seems I’ve attracted the attention of the locals.

Closer and closer he came…

…and brought his friends along. Soon I had an audience of curious bullocks.

He was the bravest of all, and got as close as he could. So much for taking more shots of the tree…

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    • It’s super for close up shots, the zoom is just spiffy! (yes, im laying on the Yank-talk thick intentionally, just for you) Until last week, I only had the first generation iPhone, poopy camera. The iPad is pretty brutal, too. Hubby also fancies himself a hotshot, with good reason. But occasionally I feel a need to go find things to take pics of, like this day.

  1. I love that 1st pic..strangely beautiful..
    Reminds me of a plant that grew in England when I was a child..we called it ‘sticky buds’ & used to take great pleasure from throwing them at people’s backs as they would stick like Velcro to clothes…an innocent version of paint balling!
    I gave my tz3 to my daughter to take to Canada, she hasn’t posted any pics..I’m guessing she lost it! She’s scatty like that! Forgot her fiddle on the bus when we went to Connemara at Easter.. Spent a few franti days calling around trying to locate it.
    Touch wood the only things I have ever lost is arseholes 😉
    I bought into the Panasonic g 1 system.but never got into it as much as I loved my Leica, I’d love to trade g1 in for a Leica

  2. Once tried to take a photgraph of a bull who’d been set to shade. Not only did the bull charge me, but the rancher chased me off his property with a poodle and a shotgun!

  3. I LOVE that flower and the twisted pine! I miss my camera. Kent dropped it once in the field and then finally completely killed it by dropping it on the floor. It hit so hard the casing around the lens dinted. Poor man is a procrastinator and it takes forever to get him to take any pictures for me. His camera is just to HARD for me to use.

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