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Second job interview…


Well, just back from another interview, at the same company I visited last week, but for a different department. It was another marathon interview, 40 minutes this time. I’m still taking that as a good sign: especially as the time flew yet again.

It is a sales position. I’d be the in-office partner to a salesman on the road. I would have to ring customers directly and see if they need anything. Yikes. I won’t say I can’t do it, but I will say I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea. However, my contract would be for six months only, as a training period, and I wouldn’t be commission based or receiving bonuses in that time. Which I am fine with, more than fine with, I prefer it. I don’t know if I could take the pressure of not making all the money I could in a week – I’d make a ton once and then grow to depend on it quickly and be pretty upset if I failed. I’m used to having a set job to do, doing it the best I can, and expecting to be paid for my efforts. Trying like hell for nothing would crush my fragile ego, not to mention my bank balance! I can also get pretty pissy over unfairness, so there’s a bad attitude ready to happen. So yes, a flat salary is great for me.

I’m under the impression that I am still under consideration for the first job I interviewed for. They are waiting on contracts from elsewhere before they can hire for that job, and don’t have a date yet. It is very possible that I’d do the sales for six months and move to the other department after. They prefer to hire from within, and prefer that employees know how other departments operate. Knowing sales would be very beneficial for the second (first?) job.

Well, I won’t know until next week, but I’m pretty positive. I like the way the company operates, I would be selling needed things, not useless crap, and I really, really liked both men I interviewed with. They never made me uncomfortable or asked stupid questions, and they were both intelligent and informative. Fingers and toes crossed!