Lokii on the Prowl


Lokii turned ten this month. He is super healthy and only has the tiniest flecks of white on his ears.

He also has suddenly become…brave.

He wants to go outside for the first time in his life! Used to be, if I even held him by the window or back door he would get stressed or show no interest. Well.

Him this evening, looking like the king of the world on the roof of our car. He is just fine until a moving car comes close or a human appears, then he gets scared.

I’d love to see what he thinks of the cows next door!

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  1. He looks a lot like our beloved Rom, who leaped over the rainbow when he was 16.5… Wonderful cat, and the only thing that terrified him was Dustin, our Lop-ear-bunny…. This was mainly Dustin’s fault because he was enamored with Rom and continually trying to pounce on him. Fortunately, Dustin couldn’t climb, otherwise Rom would never have had a peaceful nap.

    • Ha! That is a bit mad! Lokii is scared of so many things, so this idea and LOUD desire to go outside is a bit unexpected after 10years! I expect him to go another 10 before he has any problems.

      • Purrseidon, our current kitty (purrseidon.wordpress.com) is more or less fearless except for squirrels and the Chucky-doll, which we use as a Halloween ornament.
        Do you have any clue why Lokii suddenly changed his pattern after so many years?

          • A friend of mine has a spotted Bengal. Purrseidon was born feral, so we have no idea what her genetics might be, but her dark areas look a lot like Hamlets, so I’ve often wondered if she had any Bengal in her DNA… for certain, Hamlet LOVES playing in water as much as Purrseidon.

            • Oh yes, mine never had any fear of water and throw toys into the big dog waterbowl to play. Other breeds also don’t fear water, like the Turkish van. And some cats just don’t care 🤣

            • LOL, I’d never known a water-loving cat prior to Purr, and her bizarre fascination with water worked into the fictional character, Mischief, without me realizing it. In fact, I didn’t realize Mischief looked and acted like Purrseidon until Purr-a-noia was in final editing.

  2. What a handsome lad! (That second picture is fabulous – art quality. He couldn’t have posed it/picked better surroundings/backdrop.)
    Outdoor exercise and exploration has its’ benefits. Can’t wait for cow encounters. (But not get too calm around cars!)

    • He doesn’t want to wander far! And won’t go in the grass, it is COLD! I Promise I didn’t adjust that second photo in any way, but it is HDR. I love the colours, too! Shame I didn’t get his blue eyes in there as well.

      • Nothing like a warm sunny spot outdoors to entertain a cat.
        (Ah – I’ve heard about “cold”…we’ve already broken heat records from 1890’s. But we got rain yesterday. Grass and plants delighted. We’re close to summer hibernation time.)

  3. He looks glossy and healthy, like a much younger cat. Great shot of him on the car (what is it with cats and cars, anyway?). It’ll be interesting to see if this was a one-off or if the interest in the Big Outside continues.

  4. Hi! I’m happy to be back to your blog! It’s been ages since I was blogging, this is my new form (which you were one of the first ones to see, remember? 🙂 ) Anyway, let’s keep in touch here too!

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