Litter-ally Considerate!


I saw the most amazing thing yesterday! Siamese Lokii went for a pee. When he started to come out of the box, he put both front feet on the edge at first; then he put each foot back into the box, one at a time, and shook the litter off!

As he stepped out, he shook off each back foot as well.

I’ve had cats all of my life and have never ever seen this behaviour.

What a gentleman!

Eh, mam. Please, I was only sleepy…

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  1. Great gravy, can you get him to send an email to my two. We have their box in the bathroom and they have been known to throw littler across the room , yes the room, in either attempts to find the right spot or hide what they have just done. We even have one cat that if his poop stinks too bad, rather than cover it, he runs from the room to the other end of the house. Then we know we have trouble. This same cat will work like crazy to dig to the bottom of the box clearing all littler, then put his front feet into that clean space, and do his thing in the rest of the box. I ask why? Never get an answer. Love you. Hugs

    • I KNOW! It was unbelievable to see this. Normally he is so silent I never know he his in there. I guess because he doesn’t cover and shakes his feet off it makes him truly “silent but deadly”!

  2. Reminds me of our cat walking through snow when I was a child. Take a step, shake the paw, take another, shake that paw. I felt like opening the window and yelling at her to just get on with it, that snow was going to stick every time. Cats and their clean feet….

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