I’m Still Here


I’m having a bad year, is all. Miss you all.

About heretherebespiders

Immigrant American living in Ireland. Sarcastic, decrepit. Loads of interests: reading, plants, pets, food, art, writing, drinking, space, politics, feminism, quantum theory. Not 'girly' and not interested in being so.

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  1. Tie a knot and hang on. May warmth and strength wrap around you. RC Cat has instructed all inhabitants the Realm to send positive energy. (Molly Malamute quickly offered to go round up the lizards in the backyard and make sure they did their share, but RC saw through that excuse to go outside…and no, Molly, you can’t dig a big hole and tunnel over to offer assistance…but the thought will be appreciated.)
    You’re tough, kid. You can do this.

      • I’m not doing much of either, to be honest. Mostly…floating and waiting for the next thing. I did have a good Halloween. My favourite holiday, and of our town of now less than 1,100 people we had 74 kids come tonight. We think it’s a record!

        • This made me smile. I adore Halloween – it’s the perfect holiday for fall. All those kids – perfect – we are dodging tornados and storms here, but during the breaks the neighborhood kids are out – love the croc shoes with the flashing lights!
          Floating is boring…but then during the chaos we just wish for time to rest HAHA
          Happy Halloween and thanks for touching base

  2. Hello Friend. I am sorry to hear you are having a bad time. You know I wish the best for you and your family. I have missed your posts, and your updates. I liked the post simply because I glad you gave us an update. Best wishes. Hugs

    • You know, for how happy the Irish are portrayed in literature and the media, they can really suck the life out of you, along with the country. I gave up and went back to the states, left the husband there in Mayo. I really hope things work out for you!!!!

  3. Clicked ‘like’ then realized it might not be appropriate when you say you’re having a bad year… am not happy about that!. Happy you’re hanging in there

  4. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. We always tend to judge ourselves harsher than the ones around us. This too shall pass (but hurry up, and get it over with). You’re in thoughts and prayers.

  5. Been away from WordPress for quite awhile…and taking a “tour” of “my sites” to start the New Year. Here’s hoping 2019 is so much better for you and yours than the year behind us now. (and, I think we had a record number of visitors for Halloween as well!)

    • I still can’t walk right, but finally seeing some improvement. Financially totally screwed and the new year has brought some heavy and unexpected expenses, so that sucks. At least himself has managed a whole year without a hospital stay!

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