A Lot Of What Is This?


It’s been warm, mostly. I’m talking hovering right around 10 deg C or 50 F. Heat waaaaave!

My plants think so, anyway.

The azalea is small, but blooming like a mad thing. The pic I took was a blurry mess, so I’m not sharing. The peony seems to grow an inch a day, and is such a lovely dark reddish purpleish maroonish that I think it needs a colour named after it instead of my awkward description.

The bleeding heart that hubby bought last year is very small, but in flower.

It has just the one stem, and very minimal leaves, so I don’t think it is so happy in the current location. We will see, next year I expect.

The columbines are going beserk right next to the bleeding heart, now that the not-sweet-pea’s mess of dead vines have been cleared out.

But what I really want to know is… what the heck are these?

This was taken a couple of days ago, and there are many more flowers now. This/these were given to me by iDJ’s uncle last year and they did SFA then. This year? Going crazy.

And what are these? 

Also accidently came over from the Gardening Uncle. They are in pots he gave me, that were meant to be just bluebells (the long narrow leaves). I have no clue.

I should know what these are, as himself bought them for me last year as ground cover. I’m sure that I posted then what they are, but I’ve forgotten now. They are starting to do the intended job, at least.

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  1. The purple one’s Honesty, or Lunaria annua. The blue one’s a species of forget-me-not, Mysotis arvensis. The purple one *looks* like a purslane, but I’ve never seen one with such deep purple flowers if it is; mostly they’re magenta.

      • Not sure, but it could have something to do with the messages I keep getting that your blog is running a script that slows things down for me. On the other hand, just last night I changed my domain from cafephilos.wordpress.com to cafephilos.blog. And last, but not least, Gravatar is messing with me! Yup, on blog after blog it won’t allow me to click on the “like” buttons, and it also has the nerve to insist that I’m not “signed in” even though I am indeed signed in! When it does that, it makes me sign in all over again! I tell you my troubles are mountains! Mountains, HTBS! Huge mountains! First world problems all, though. 😀

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