Poopie Doopie You so Loopie


That title is a snippet of roadside bathroom graffiti that my hero Stephen King immortalised.

We don’t have a fan-vent in our bathroom. Well, we do, but it is a very current work in progress and it literally doesn’t have a current as of yet. So whenwe bathe, the tiny room gets all steamed up. Since I have plants in there that I don’t want the cats to eat, the only ventilation is to open the small top window. 

Himself had a shower on Tuesday morning, and when I got home that evening I immediately saw this on our shower curtain:

That looks like bird-poop to me! All we can figure is that a small bird came in through the open window, perched on the curtain rail long enough to stain the curtain forever, and got back out. Without knocking anything over in a panic, which is pretty impressive! 

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  1. What I think is fascinating in all this is the bravery of the bird, going inside a home with your wonderful playful and active cats. I bet on realizing the mistake the bird pooped and rushed from the home vowing to look in the windows first next time. 🙂 Hugs

  2. Are you telling me a bird came in *while he was in the shower*, perched and did its business, and got out again without him noticing? And, while I think of it, without him noticing the poop on the curtain when he got out of the shower? (Although the latter is male-pattern mess blindness, isn’t it?)

  3. In warmer weather, I like to keep my cottage doors open so I can get a breeze though the screens. But now and then some animal will come right up to the screens to see what’s going on with me. I’ve had cats, dogs, squirrels, and one raccoon do it.

  4. Before the Windows were updated a few years ago we had birds sitting on the tops when they were open.
    I know a few of them flew in as we often got feathers in the sink and floor

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