November in Bloom


I still have roses. 

The leaves on the blueberry bushes are just stunning.

Best of all, I have new gazania. Really tall gazania! These grew from seed this year, and I popped them into a pot with gladiolus. That might give you some idea of how tall they are! All of my others are less than a foot tall – these are heading toward three!

Unfortunately there hasn’t been enough sunshine for the blooms to open fully. Shame as they are just gorgeous.

Yesterday there was a bit more sun and this one tried to soak it in. Blurry as it was also windy as heck yesterday! 

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  1. My Blueberry is just twigs now. All the leaves are long gone!

    That Gazania is wonderful… And definitely the biggest I have ever seen! (Insert obvious joke here)
    Is it an annual or a perennial?

  2. I keep running into fully blossomed rose bushes around here. But we are almost in the South. Yesterday I saw well adorned rose bushes next to a stand of cactus.

    I had no idea what blueberry leaves looked like; those are spectacular.

  3. Roses in November… My word, Europe really is having a warm autumn and early winter.
    I’m just waiting for my poinciana tree to come into bud, then I’ll know Christmas is on the way. There are some spectacular specimens around the place already.

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