Halloween Treat! Hedgie in the Compost


It’s an old story now, but last week when I took my kitchen scraps out to the compost bin, I  got a surprise.

The bin.
When I opened it up, it did not look anything like the way it had looked two days before. It looked like the world’s biggest worm had been rummaging around in there.

Such a big hole where no hole was before. What could it be? 

Hard to see, but something had dug a tunnel into the bin underneath the massive oregano bush. 

I immediately thought of rats. I’m not a fan of rats in the wild. Not scared, but I’d rather they didn’t live on my property.

But there was a wee round nest, too. What animal is native to Ireland and is round when it curls up? A hedgehog! So I looked closer….

Hedgehog poop! Definitely not rat poop. 

Unfortunately it seemed hedgie didn’t like my intrusion into the warm safe place full of food, as there hasn’t been any sign that it has been back.

Bummer, I even left grapes as an offering!

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  1. You are a kind and understanding compost bin owner. Too bad it has not stayed in residence, you could have negotiated rent, room and board. 🙂 ( giggles giggles ) Hugs

      • Ah..here we have to critters we have to watch out for. One is possums. They are ugly mean tempered beasts as you know, jangled teeth in every direction. Worse are armadillos. Both will dig under your home and tear the central A/C tubes out and use the insulation for nests. They cause a lot of damage not to mention having fleas and other diseases. Best wishes with your Hedgie. Hugs

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