Bad News


Spot’s biopsy turned out to be much much worse. He had a tumor. It is gone, and sent for testing, along with a good 2in of his intestine and the nearby lymph nodes. We brought him home last night but that was premature. We took him back to the vet this afternoon and he is in for the night. 

He wasn’t drinking, and every time he was awake and I offered him water or anything at all he went for the litter box. He strained as if he felt that he needed to poo, then came out and threw up. Since he also has kidney disease, no fluids and vomiting up what little he had is clearly bad for him.

He’s on an IV now. Antibiotics, painkillers, fluids, a light sedative, and an anti-emetic to stop the nausea. I wish I was there to cuddle him, but I know he is safe and in good hands. The vet who took him in this afternoon rang to let me know how he was doing, and all is going as well as can be expected after such a major surgery.

We won’t know for a week or so if he has cancer or it was benign. I forget how long we have to wait as my brain shut down when I heard ‘tumour’ and I couldn’t stop crying. I took today off to look after him but all I could see is he was in pain and confused. He was just running around playing like a madkitty the day before, no matter that he is 14/15, damn it all.

You never know what might be going on when someone can’t tell you what hurts. He had soft, stinky poop for too long – that’s the only reason I took him to the vet at all. I’m so glad he is an indoor cat and I could see/smell that something wasn’t right – after days in the garden all cat poop is soft.

You know I don’t do prayers, but I’ll take on offer all the best wishes for him to recover fast and it not be cancer.

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  1. Oh, I’d cry like crazy too. Have. The IV will perk him up a treat, I suspect, what with his kidneys, but it’s awful waiting to find out what they can actually do for him. What a winsome boy — that’s a fabulous picture with the turkey. Beaming good wishes at him.

        • Just back from visiting, he’s a frightful mess. The IV is keeping him off his feet and makes him pee, so he was very wet and smelly. Cleaned and dried him as best as he’d let me. He did respond well to affection and brushing, which is good. But he still doesn’t want to eat.

          • I spent so long earlier this summer with Torvald not eating. I don’t know how hip your vets are about this problem, I fed Torvald with a turkey baster and he was OK with it, it made his appetite come back slowly. The kidneys are probably the biggest sabotage of the appetite. This whole website is the source of the book that helped me

            It was clear from the book that some vets are smarter than others about this and that in the UK/EU there are some who have not caught up with treatments that work and are standard over here.

            • That is too funny, the U.K. comment about cats loving fish from the chipper! He LOVES nasty old chicken or fish with batter on it. He’s not terribly food-motivated but does love what he loves…so some ham, raw sausage meat (they don’t spice it here), or cheapo frozen chicken patties might tempt him. I need to find out if we can visit tomorrow. It’s not only a Sunday when they are closed, but the day of a huge national GAA football match and Mayo is playing Dublin. I can’t describe how important this game is around here. Skeleton staff on Monday around the county even if we lose (again).

            • Oh, and he had liquid meds and I swear I’ve never seen a cat gag just seeing a syringe come at his face before. It was a nightmare for all of us. Not sure if that is an option, especially with his belly cut open. I surely don’t want him to struggle with us.

  2. I am so sorry for spot and for you! I am not sure what to say, I know you are hurting as he is. I do wish him well, I send you all the virtual hugs I can. I clicked like for his recovery, may it be fast and complete. He is lucky to have you. Most humans can care that much. Love to spot, best wishes and hugs for both of you.

  3. Not your child, no, but a fuzzy cuzzin’ maybe. I’m so sorry he’s feeling bad, and you’re feeling worse because you think to the future. Let’s hope the IV and the meds make him feel better in the short term, and the surgery and pathology say the right thing for the long term. Visualise him perched on your chest and purring into your face rather than the poor kid confused and unwell.

  4. So sorry to hear about Spot. Hope he has had a good night. It’s amazing how much pets become part of our lives and I can understand you feeling so sad when you watch him suffering. Big virtual hug heading your way and a little cuddle for Spot.

  5. I’m so sorry poor kitty has to go through all this and how heartbreaking for you to have to watch and be able to do so little! Thinking of you over here…hoping for the best !

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