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I’m not depressed. I could be? But actually I’m positive at the moment. I had a good Friday this week. A text that made me so proud and happy; a thing I did at work that was very appreciated and I’m quite proud of. A notch tighter on my belt in the morning when I got dressed for work. My new-found love for playing bass guitar!

It’s not like me to focus on positive things, and it feels weird. I’m just not that kind of person. I look sideways at things: looking for the shadow that is, in my experience, hiding in wait to bite.

But maybe I can learn, still, to see the silver lining that mom said was in every cloud?

My good old man Spot has a new problem – this time his guts. A vet visit came away with this cat bed, that he chose himself, and a cocktail of drugs in liquid form that he HATED. Seriously, I’ve never seen a cat gag at the idea of something being put into his mouth before. It didn’t work, either. Wednesday he goes back in for a biopsy of his intestines. I suppose the vets wouldn’t even suggest it if he wasn’t robust enough to handle the procedure. The cocktail did make him feel better, anyway – he’s as playful and cuddly as you could want out of an old man kitty.

Lokii also loves the new bed. But Spot has set down clear rules that if he is in the bed, it is his territory and Lokes can just piss off! Poor daft Lokii thinks they can share…nope!

So the silver lining is that we bought a cat bed that the cats actually like. It might be a first!

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            • O.k.. I’m not a cat person. The cat actually belongs to the wide and daughter. I just suffer it, clean up after it and feed it on occasion. >. >

            • Is the cat male or female? I have boycats because they are incredibly loving. The girlcats are much more independent.

              And you are in SO much trouble if your ‘wide’ sees that typo! Hahahhaha

            • I swear my bloody autocorrect hates me. >. >
              And the cat is female. She also thinks she is a dog… and a fish.
              If you read up on Turkish Vans you will see how uncatlike they can be!

            • Oh yes, I know the vans! One of my oldest friends has three – one will ‘smile’ on request (never on command,with a cat!). Oh do get a male next time, or anytime, they are disgustingly loving! The snip is vital of course, for kitty’s health and your carpet’s integrity – same with any cat.

            • After doing some research last night she may be a turkish Angora / Van mix because her eyes are the wrong colour and her hair is too long for a proper Van.

              Wish we had known that when we got her. Her fur has killed one vacuum cleaner already. And it would have been nice too have acuddly cat instead of a standoffish princess. >. >

            • Angoras also like water, just not as much! Spot is Bengal – he likes to go fishing in the dog’s water bowl. To the point of finding things to put IN the bowl so he can fish them back out! Also not yer normal moggie πŸ™‚

            • When we are in the bath she will frequently look like she is about to jump in the water… A bit unnerving as the water is too hot for her.
              I’d put her in the bath with some water to play if I knew what temp I could do it with…

              She doesn’t play in the water bowl although she has eyed up my pond outdoors a few times!

            • Spot DRINKS my bath water! Weirdo. I used to have a Russian blue who I would put in the bath with me. I figured if I can take it, he could. But I don’t like super hot water myself.

            • We have the bath water as hot as we can. That would probably bee too much for a cat.
              I’m guessing that if I do the same for her as we did with out baby when she went in the bath?
              You know… The ‘Elbow in the water’ trick?

            • Oh…. I don’t know… I’d love to visit those springs they have in Iceland!
              I could take a lobster in with me and have an expensive meal! B-)

            • Oooh, I’d like the lobster but not being one! Scottie lives in Florida now like I did for a long time. Heat is overrated! Now sunshine is a whole other story πŸ™‚ Now if I had long hair all over my body like your kitty, I’d prefer a cooler bath.

            • I’m from Manchester, UK… All I know of is rain, wind and more rain…

              When it gets warm we all complain anyway!
              I may see about tempting her into a bath this week if I get time.
              I’ll pre book a slot with the hospital before I do… Just in case. B-)

            • Well don’t throw her in or anything silly like that! Just give a temptation and see if she goes for it. Less blood that way! You might still be wiping water up from half the house afterwards.

            • Oh – the wind here today has been unbelievable. Usually don’t get this until mid/late October. Dry mostly, but you wouldn’t want to go outside unless you had to. I didn’t!
              Also…”Manchester England England, across the Atlantic sea, and I’m a genius genius…” know it?

            • Ah… No.
              And In Manchester is more of a constant than heavy. It’s the Pennines that gets in the way. Manchester is in a rain shadow so always gets the rain.

            • It’s from the Hair soundtrack! Love it πŸ™‚ Yes I am not ALL metal πŸ™‚ Sounds a lot like here – we get all the Atlantic wet and then the arseholes in Dublin get the dry because we soaked it all in.

            • Sounds about right. When I moved over the hills to Yorkshire I couldn’t believe you could have so many sunny days!

              Don’t think I have ever watched Hair. Not really my kind of thing. *shrug*

            • My daughter likes hair (She likes to wander in and read over my shoulder and make comments!)
              Although I’m not a fan of musical theatre I did like the Wicked soundtrack…. And High School Musical… But we won’t talk about that. B-)

            • So does the Bible and half the albums on my shelf.

              And what makes you think I didn’t like HSM because I heard it played 20,000 times a day for about 5 years? B-)

              Anyway… My Music tastes are awesome!
              *sniffs indignantly*

            • Is HSM shorthand for Hair somehow? The crappy Aquarius one that hit the charts isn’t anywhere near as good as the movie soundtrack. And my teeth curl when I hear the I Got Life version that came out a few years back. Maybe I’m the auld grumpy biddy here πŸ™‚
              Oh, have you been keeping up with my fella’s shows? He’s been on a mad course of new songs new artists for a while. It gives us both hope that all new tunes aren’t shite!

            • HSM = High School Musical.

              I’ve not had much time for anything of late. If I’ve not been working I have been sleeping. B-(
              The problem with working nights is that you never get a chance to sleep during the day in the kids holidays so you are tired all the time. Then when you can sleep you REALLY sleep!

            • πŸ™‚ love florida , but sadly can’t have seafood. Allergic to the whole lot. Have to have an epipen when I go out to eat here as sea food is so common. Hugs

            • Oh gods those would kill me.. I remember being out with some friends in Berlin. We were having a great time, stopped at a restaurant and we all ordered, when the food came we dug in… and I woke up in the hospital a few days later.. they said I was lucky to be alive. I was in for a total of five days due to an unknown allergy to seafood. Lucky for me they called the base and German version of ems right away. I never knew. By the way, what does it taste like ???? I always wondered ?? Hugs

            • I have had two stand off Princes and I find the key is to take them into your arms and let them go, then after a few days take them into your arms, even if they resists, and loosely hold them for a few minutes. If they start to struggle let them go, then pick them up and do again. After a few weeks they become lap cats, they just need to know they can go when they want and they won’t be hurt. Well that is how I handled it. Many hugs and more meows.

            • We have been doing that with our cat for months.
              The problem is that she was an 18 month old rescue when we got her. Its taken us several years to be able to get her to cuddle up next to us on the arm of the chair. Even then she will leave after a few minutes…
              She has a strange like of sitting in places where she can keep an eye on as many of us as she can and will move places as we move about the house.

              She really is a strange cat!

            • Yes… She will also come to us and head butt us then walk away.
              I know that is a sign of love… But then she goes back to her ‘Guard Cat’ position.

            • Sorry to hear about his issues.
              Thankfully ours is in good (rude!) health… Other than a lax observance to dealing with her coat she is fine.

              She just shows her love in…Esoteric ways! B-)

            • Well I do prefer male cats, over the years I have seen they are more loving to us two-legged ones. Well no – Spot loves his dogs, too! Even if they are suspect of his intentions.

            • Got to say I’m not much of a cat or dog person myself… I have my fish.
              The cat is more of ‘Another member of the family’ than a pet. She just….Is.

            • Indoor I have a 100L tank with Tetra, Scissortail Rasboras, cherry barbs, a big catfish, several million assassin snails and a Red tailed black shark.
              I used to have mollies and guppies but they kept fighting… When they died I just didn’t replace them.

              Outside I have a pond with several goldfish and shibunkins with a rather nice 10-12″ Koi.

            • Oh you’d like another blogger in Canada – he doesn’t blog anymore mores the shame but he finally got his dream job running an aquatic shop! I’m friends with him on FB now (what a fight it was to get him on there).
              I haven’t had fish for decades. My favourite was a dragon gobi I named ‘bonk’ as he would swim full tilt into the glass and…bonk!

            • That is grand! It is the best we can do for them is it not, to take care of them. They love us, and we take care of them. You are doing a great job. Many hugs

            • Thanks, man. B-)

              Although I do think there are times we are only allowed to stay near them out of sufferage and until they work out how to open the food packets! B-)

            • I send my best wishes. I know how hard it is to lose a four legged friend. Give them my best . Thanks . Hugs

  1. Poor old Spot, painful guts are the pits. That’s an extremely smart and cosy cat bed, not suprised he’s all territorial about it. Congratulations on the good stuff – especially the belt notches!

  2. Dang with all you are going through you have to deal with this. I am so sad. I do of course give best wishes and hopes for the young feline.

    Now in a hope to give you a laugh , when my foster parents went camping, my adoptive mother insisted on taking her prised siamese fur ball with her. Well they did not have an advanced R.V. and so the cat got out. We were inscripted. About forty people went pouring through the woods calling his name. 6 painful hours later as we staggered back to the camp site. We were informed that Kiki had been found waiting on the step to let him into his home. Also what was worse while we were out looking my adoptive mother who was back at the campsite, she was sitting there with the cat in her arms. Love is grand…. but not telling thought of us that searched for six was inexcusable. Hugs and many loves. Many loves

  3. not that it is important, but I am sitting here in my wheelchair with Milo in my lap! He shows no desire to move and it is starting to be a problem on my legs. soon one of us has to give and I think it will be me. Hugs

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