Raspberry Parade


Not a bad haul for one day! I’ll be getting at least this many a day for a good while, too. 

Recipes welcome!

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  1. Do your cats like to eat the berries? I had a small black lab dog that loved to eat the produce in the garden. Everything from corn ripped from the stalk, and tomatoes, and anything else that was ripe and ready. She had a knack for getting the ripe and ready ones. It got to the point that she was not let out to run free before the garden was checked and all the ripe produce collected. However when I got back from the tours in the military many years later, she was an old dog, and the strict man who had been my bane in my youth was in love with the old dog he once tried to keep from me. He would walk the garden with her, and if there was something she couldn’t reach or dig out, he did it for her and gave her the treat. It was a sign of the change in both man and world. In some ways It gave me great happiness to just see it happening and now looking back to remember it. Life moves on and we are not always the center of the universe. Hugs

    • That is a nice story – reminds me of how, after us girls had moved out of the house, our dad adopted a stray cat and let it sit with him in His Chair. Never before was a kitty allowed in His Chair!
      Cats have no interest in fruit – and they don’t go outside either. The dog however, discovered that she liked tomatoes and would steal them off the plant just before they were ripe. Augh! She might be sampling the berries, too – hubby said last night she might have eaten one, or was nosing around where the bastard robbing bird dropped a bit. Hmm.

  2. Yum – that is loads. Just found a few today after being away for few days. Our main crop are autumn ones – the summer ones never seem to do for me, the plants just never thrive. Also came back to the red currant bush stripped of currants by the birds!

    • I put mine in the sunniest place, that might be why? Sorry about your currants, I guess you have some birds who know what they are!

      I also have a patch of wild-dug raspberries in another location, and they aren’t nearly ready yet. But also this year they are going crazy – wouldn’t be surprised if they have gone under the wall to the neighbours’ house! Oh dear.

      One bird has figured them out, sneaky thing! I hung old CD’s on the clothesline to scare it off but it is not afraid 🙂 Maybe the other neighbour cat will help!

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