Black and White, or In Colour?


Exact same photo, same phone – but one is Hipstamatic. Which do you prefer?

Taken at Moore Hall grounds, 26/6/2016.

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  1. I prefer the coloured one because the textures are more visible. That moss on the wall, for example. The black and white has flattened out the depth of field too. There’s just more visual richness with the colour.

    • Ah! I spotted that too – the moss looks blurry in the black and white! Now that could be because it wasn’t sunny, but may be the app. Which surprised me as I love that particular set up as it is usually very sharp. It literally is the exact same picture! I only took the one.

      • Also, the green leaves on the left have flattened into just pale blobs which almost look like part of the path. I love b&w photos, but depth of field and contrast get a whole lot more important.

        • Yep, I think it is a fail, myself. It’s odd, because I took it in B&W and even then I was…hmm. Then when I saw that the phone saved the ‘natural’ shot, too, I was much more impressed. Because I didn’t actually take that picture, if that makes sense?

            • I have a good camera, but very little idea how to use it properly, and I use a basic free online editing program. I can generally get my pictures looking a bit nicer than they were…

            • I do that, sometimes – mostly because I am forced to edit any photo from the phone in order to save it to the iPad. Usually I just crop, a teeny bit! But I’m learning how to get the actual colours back – damn phone doesn’t take what my eye sees. My fancy-pants camera is a whole other story!

            • There isn’t a camera in the world that can capture exactly what you see, but there are cheats and work-arounds, like boosting the saturation and contrast and shadow to give richness and depth. Your flower photos are universally gorgeous, so you’re definitely doing it right!

  2. I don’t dis-like the black & white but I do like the full color more. It seems to have more depth to it. Something about all of the subtle shades of green maybe. Lovely regardless. 🙂

  3. Colour.
    Never been a fan of black and white. Some people think it’s more ‘arty’… I think some people just don’t appreciate colours. >.>

    Don’t forget to close the gate, there is a draft. Oh, wait… You can’t. Nevermind. B-)

    • Oh yes, I do try for artsy-fartsy, I admit it! I’d never take pics of my flowers in B&W. What a waste!
      I think the vampire/zombie that was inside that crypt may have broken the gate while escaping…

    • You are the only vote for the B&W! Even I think it is better in colour. Thank you! It is what I ‘saw’ through the app, but I’m so used to an iPad with a big screen, I never can tell what I have until I see it here.

      • ha! Well, I have to be otherwise, don’t I? LOL! I do love B&W and though I do love the colour shot, the B&W does pull me in more. Looks like something that belongs on the cover of some spy or war novel. 😀

  4. Hello friend. I also prefer the colored one. I do think there is more detail available in the colored one. At least my eyes made out more detail. I love it. You are like Ark, a gifted one with a camera. Hugs

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