This Is Draining.


Hubby had the day off work for Good Friday; I did not. So I left him with drain-duty. He walked into town (we have one car), to learn that our town’s hardware store also had the day off. So, no caustic soda to be had locally at all. He did get some ‘kitchen blockage’ Mr Muscle stuff. It did nothing.

At 3:30 I rang the closest hardware shop to where I work, thinking for sure they were closed, too. Not for another 30 minutes! Luckily my work is awesome and let me have 10 minutes or so to drive up there and get some lovely, grease-eating poison. They had two bottles and I bought them both.

‘Course, I don’t get off until half six, so by the time I got home it was nearly dark and pouring rain. I put the soda in, waited the prescribed 20 minutes, and poured in boiling water. Managed to fit in nearly a kettle’s worth as himself had bailed the muck down to make room (yay).

Did it drain?

It did not. And it was, and is, way too miserable out there to try the snake again. Even the dog doesn’t want to go out to wee.

So…washing the cutlery in the bathroom sink was my only option! No forks left, as you can see. That’s my dish soap in the cut-glass cruet. I use that for dish soap as it looks nicer than a big plastic bottle.

Not that it matters when your dish soap is now in your bathroom.
Breaking update, even before I hit publish! I remembered that I have a bucket that will fit in the sink. So now I just have to carry that upstairs to dump out, instead. Hoarding tendencies for the win!

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  1. Ah, bollocks… These things never work as they promise on the packet. And the problem always, always happens just when it’s least convenient and calling a plumber out will be a case of quadruple time and a half. I have no suggestions for you, apart from maybe getting a plastic washing up bowl, which you can at least use in the kitchen once you’ve filled it with your bucket…

    • Hi hon! You are so right, it never ends. This one is funny to me, and mostly time and weather keeping it an ‘issue’. The furry ones just think I’m nuts tromping up and downstairs with drippy items in hand!
      Glad to see you! 💚

    • Oh it was wayyyyy beyond a hanger. It was the outside drain. It’s weird here, but you have access to all the drains outside.

      And yeah, super gross but it’s fixed now! Trust me, it’s not as bad as the time I got the great idea to put the dog poop down the big access point. A clog of dog shit about 15 feet from anything I could reach with the snake! I attached an old shower hose as an extension to the snake and worked at it for days. Fuckin awful.

  2. Soda crystals are my best friend, I’m not sure they actually do anything but it makes me feel better to try something lol
    My sink in the wash house blocks every time I drain mince go figure, the water can come up, courtesy of the dishwasher, but it won’t go down. I gave up in the end, I just let it do it’s own thing now lol

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