I Have A Snake In Ireland


It seems I tried to use it a bit too close to Paddy’s Day, however, as the kitchen drainage pipe is still jammed up. My snake is weak! Or the grease is strong. For some reason I’m in charge of the drain-clearing at the house, despite the fact that the drains here are nothing like what I grew up with. I never owned a drain snake before (I had lots of real ones as pets, of course). We had a blockage like this in Florida once, and it required professionals digging up the front yard.  

Actually, that is probably why I’m in charge. I will always do it myself if possible!

Oh, and if you’ve seen the proof of evolution found on your body video, my Palmaris longis is showing! I can also wiggle the hell out of my ears. I am well aware when I lay them back like a cat does when annoyed, or perk them up to hear better. Go, Neanderthal me! 

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  1. Have you tried one of those industrial sized plungers? Another tip is to put some bicarbonate of soda (say up tot hree heaped tablesppons) and vinegar (half a bottle) down the sink – it fizzes up and can loosen the blockage:)

  2. I still have those tendons too, and my main party trick is my double jointed fingers. I can bend one finger over the next on both hands, and they’ll stay there, and bend them at just the top joints, which never fails to produce the “eeeeuw!” response. Ear wiggling, also tick. My mother could move her entire scalp backwards and forwards just by raising her eyebrows.
    Hope your snake does the trick… A plumber told me one time that the way to keep your drains moving was to run boiling hot water down them for 5 minutes once a week. Apparently this melts off all sorts of grease, gunk and other nasties, cooks any little roots that might be thinking of breaking and entering, and generally keeps things clear.

    • You are SO cool! My only party trick is making my nose pop, but it’s a real trick and not something I can do 🙂 Oh, I have an eyeball thing that grosses people out, but it’s something any one can do if they can cross their eyes.

      • Oh, you mean where you first cross your eyes and then look left or right, and it looks like you can move one eyeball independently? That’s a great trick, I love it! Best deployed when people are slightly drunk, I find… Once upon a time, when I was still young, agile and slender, I could hook a knee behind my neck, but those days are long gone…

        • Yes! That’s the one! I bet you know the nose trick, too! Hide your whole face with your palms and secretly put your thumbnails under your front teeth, and pop the thumbnails while ‘moving’ your nose. Looks of agony are a big plus when doing it! And both ways gets a double gross-out 🙂
          I used to be able to do a foot behind my neck, but never a knee! I possibly still could, but I’m too old to want to try it anymore. I still can put my palms nearly flat on the ground while standing straight – which is something my dad says he could never ever do. And my lower back is a mess, too 🙂

          • Yup, done that one. It works best with small children, I find, who have a much higher grossness tolerance level and are fascinated. They tend to like the ‘dead man’s thumb in a matchbox’ trick, too. I can still put my hands flat on the ground, it’s just that there’s a lot of spare tyre in the way and it takes a long time to get down there.

            • I still do it! I work with mostly men, and there is nothing I laugh at more than grossing out a fella. Revenge!
              I have that tyre too – no worries there! I do mostly physical work at work, so when I can, I stretch those muscles and tendons. Good for the back!
              We would get along quite well in person, I think! Let me know if you ever visit Ireland 😊

            • I think you’re right. I have three people on my ‘to visit’ list if I ever make it there, but I suspect it’ll take a lottery win… You never, never know.

            • This is true! I got to meet a blogger from NYC late last year, it was brilliant! I’ll keep my options open, too! I think if I did win the lottery I’d go around the planet 🙂

  3. I can roll my tongue. But only up. I used to know someone who could roll it both ways. I’ve got the wrist tendon, but only on one wrist. Anyway, good luck with the clog. And by the way, there’s a porno flick with the same title as this blog.

    • I can do the tongue thing, both directions. It never occurred to me that it’s a party trick!
      Maybe it’s me in the porno! Hahaha, no. Unless someone gets off on middle aged women unclogging grease plugs. Which, I’m sure, someone out there does…

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