Ganglion Aft A-gley


I went to the doctor today for the lump in my wrist. Said lump has come and gone for years. Usually it hangs around for a week or two and goes back into hiding. Well, this time I have had about five months of looking like I have a second ulna-knob. Hehe, I said knob. It has been aching at work, and if I whack it on something I don’t cry (I do not cry) but I get angry at the pain, which isn’t fun for anyone. 

On Sunday I tried to open a jar and not only did it bloody well hurt, it kinda popped inside my wrist in a very unsettling way. That was enough for me to give up and go for professional help. If I can’t open a damn jar, how can I do my job safely with all the lifting and pulling?
Like my new socks? How about the doggie feet? Action shot!

Doc says it is a ganglion cyst. Not the biggest she’s seen, but not the smallest either (I have another on the side of my right wrist and don’t care about that one as it is sooo weee). 

Ganglion cysts are pockets of thick goo that grow on the sheath to your tendon. Sounds fun! I can’t find the website Doc showed me, but basically you can aspirate it (suck the goo out), or you can pop it (drop a heavy-ass book on it and hope! Doc did make a quip about Bible-bashing, I swear she did! Awesome). But in either of those options, the pocket is still there and likely to refill.

So – surgery it is! It doesn’t worry me, and dudes dig scars, so I’m now on the waiting list. The question is – what should we name my passenger before I cut it out? 

Ha! No the real question is – how long is the wait? Might as well ask how long is a piece of string. I’ll know when I know, and probably with only a few days to a week of notice. Of course I had to post about it today as proof of the time frame. It will be much more interesting to see how long it takes!

I really hope I can take pictures. I totally want to see what this bad girl looks like. Any glimpse of the rest of my wrist-mechanics is also a draw for me! Stay tuned, kids!

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  1. Oh for the lord’s sake — do we have to do surgery together??? Mine’s Thursday. Please hold me in your thoughts, and I will you when it’s your turn . . . .

  2. I’ve been living with one on my radial head for years, but it never really does anything. A client of mine slipped in her kitchen, smashed hers on the cabinet door, turned rainbow colors and never had another worry. You could try the Bible. Or a telephone directory.

  3. Good luck with the surgery. I’ve had one for years and yes, with times it can become very painful. I keep rubbing mine until it pops. No surgery for me thank you very much! 😆

      • You’re not as skittish as I am about doctors and needles. I do prefer spiders. 😆

        Oh, if I could I would sit by in the operating room and see what happens. Very interesting stuff that. I used to work for a Veterinarian. It’s okay when it’s someone else. LOL!

        • Ooo! I always wanted to do that. Well, I wanted to be a vet until I realised I’d cry like a baby along with the clients when a pet had to be put down. Not to mention seeing horrible injuries. That said, I was great with the horses – castration didn’t bother me a bit, eejit yearlings shredding themselves on fences, no bother.

          • Yeah, the same here and I realised that when I worked for one. Cried nearly every night and yes, those horrible injuries are the worst and you get to hate some people that call themselves ‘humans’.

            Oh, horses are the best. Such gentle darlings. Same here and births were the best. I just never liked the injuries.

        • Oh yes. Socialised medicine, so I won’t have to pay much – €50 so far to see the Doc and €50-€150 for the hospital. You can have insurance and private pay, which makes things move faster of course. The system isn’t bad, but our entire country is broke so the backlog has built up. No one wants to be a specialist here anymore, they move away chasing the money.

          • What about the quality of care then? If the majority is chasing the money what gets left? That’s what worries me here if the country goes down that road what happens to the quality of health care?

            • I don’t think it will be anything like here. We are less than five million people! Our government – which is in charge of the health service – cares less for us as individuals than for what the world bank thinks of our finances. So we cut cut cut budgets until, well, it is hard to get cut for a good medical reason.
              And then they go and give money to their cronies for unnecessary infrastructure projects… another whole topic!
              Nothing moves fast here UNLESS it makes money for the people in charge. Part of the problem with us is we just take it, and don’t fight back. Never happen in the USA!

  4. I’ve had this! Elected to do the surgery too. These types of cysts were actually called Bible-Cysts because the old way of taking care of it was to smack it really hard with a bible. People STILL EFFING DO IT TOO. The only downside is that it will always come back with that treatment.

    Surgery is not bad at all, recovery was quick. The most annoying part of the whole ordeal was having to wear a bandage on my wrist for a while.

    Good luck!

    • Ha! Being as my Doc even read that out to me, it sure is still something that is done! I DO have the old family bible, but it must weigh 25lbs and no way am I risking that!
      I work in a warehouse – lots of heavy lifting -did you get any restrictions on that, and if you did, for how long?

  5. Do all the docs feel they have to make that drop a heavy book on it joke? Not funny if it’s your lump of annoyance. Hope it all get sliced and diced and well done soon. (And those family Bibles are heavy!…and you have to find a place for it somewhere.)

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