Sedlec Ossuary, Prague – an All Hallow’s Eve Gift


What better for Halloween eve, than a post about bones?

Human bones. Lots and lots of them.

Don’t touch, please? No problem. Can you imagine if all that collapsed?

Especially when you get an idea of how very deep the pile of bones is. 

That is an awful lot of femurs. Impresses me more than the skulls, actually. For every two you see, one person gone.

And there is art.

That’s me that is! Nine years ago, when I used to still dye my hair red (mom was a redhead, I have to have some sort of ginger-provenance).

You could touch some of the work – evidenced by the shiny patina on this skull.

So much going on here, it is hard to comprehend. This is a massive chandelier. 


Amazingly beautiful nonetheless. 

Every artist should sign their work.

Apologies for photo quality – this was 2006 and we had a serviceable but lacking camera back then. I also have to say that the smell of the place really struck me – I’m a “super smeller” and it was an odd, cold but dry smell. Like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It wasn’t unpleasant, but distinctly odd.


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  1. Wow… Just incredible. Interesting to note it’s not just me that finds human remains not particularly ‘sacred’ or untouchable. It’s bits we don’t need any more, why get precious about it? The parts do, as this clearly shows, make a versatile, durable and strangely intimate medium for sculpture. And hey – I’m a super-smeller too!

  2. We did the catacombs in Paris and I was overwhelmed with that, but this is a whole other level. Wow. Most amazing! (Also, did quite like getting an idea what you look like in that photo!)

    • Well, I’m white! I don’t assume race or colour anymore, or even gender. Blogging has done a lot to help me break ideas I never knew I had. When I find myself wondering if someone is this or that, I now ask myself why I am doing that at all. Well, that is quite off topic but it’s where my brain went!

      I’ve heard about the Paris ossuary – and, best of all, the person who told me she went was there because her teen daughter wants to be an anthropologist. Yes yes yes!

  3. Creepalicious. For someone who wonks anatomy all the time, and owns a mini-skeleton for instructional purposes, I find the skeleton as a motif distinctly disturbing. Goth girls with little skull bobby sox, you know? Human bones as art just strike me as a bit weird. When I was very small, I had dreams of being pursued by vengeful skeletons who wanted to catch me and — well, what? What could they actually do? They couldn’t eat you.

    I can smell a person eating an Asian cucumber a floor away while I’m soaping in the shower; I know because it happened. It certainly means I get to contraband kitty pee before anyone else knows anything about it.

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