I got It – Croagh Patrick at Sunset


I’ve been trying to get this photo for weeks. 

I’ve been taking the big camera to work with me, and bringing it inside instead of leaving it in the car because I didn’t want condensation issues. The two days that the view was similar (but better!) than this, I had forgotten to bring the damn camera to work with me. Once I drove all the way home for it. Of course, when I got back to the perfect place, I was not only too late but the battery was stone cold dead! Auugh! And of course, every day the sunset came earlier and earlier, while I still had to work until the same late hour… So you know now that this took some effort, and wasn’t just luck!

The pointy one is Croagh Patrick, County Mayo’s most famous mountain. An extinct volcano, it has been revered by the Irish for several thousand years, and is now a Catholic pilgrimage site.

From many angles the mountain also named “The Reek” doesn’t look so perfectly pyrimidical. I’ve posted a picture from this same place along the road before – back in March 2012 –  I did the research then and said that as the crow flies, I am taking this picture from about 50 KM or 30 miles away. I think the sunset magnifies the mountain somehow. It isn’t huge – 764 metres or 2,507 feet – so to be seen so clearly from so far away is a rarity. Well, I’ve only gotten it twice in over three years!

*Need I remind everyone that copyright belongs to the blog owner and this picture is not for reuse without permission? I do have it in RAW format if someone wishes to purchase it.

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  1. What a stunning view! I am glad you could capture it and you did it perfectly. Love the colours in the sky. Nature is the best painter for sure. 😀

  2. Hello, I followed you over here from Linda’s. That’s a great photo, but I really think you should be watermarking your images to protect them from people just nicking them. There’s a *free* watermarking facility on PicMonkey which is simple to use – I’ve got a short doc which explains how to use it if you’re interested?

    • Oh I have an app, I just was being a bit proactive for a change! I had already put it on Facebook, and I trust everyone here but the google image search is annoying 😦

      And – hello! I was being rude, sorry!

      • Not rude at all. I had a good rummage over there and enjoyed what I read. I enjoyed the exchange about feic, and would offer craic as another one, less rude perhaps… We enjoy motorbike outings too, but given the riding distances involved here in Oz, we’ve gone for the riding comfort option and have a red Honda ST1300: comfy, pretty and it goes like stink.

        • Craic is such a normal word here, I forget it isn’t English. How’re ya, any craic? Is the standard greeting.
          My goodness, it’s been ages since anyone gave the blog a good once over! Thank you! Had a google on you bike, it seems a sweet machine. I’m pretty sure Harleys should just stay in America, like muscle cars.

          • Harleys are incredibly popular here; Australia is filled with petrol-heads, but we find them (sorry, sorry!) too noisy and uncomfortable for long distance. Since a full day’s ride is standard for getting anywhere much round here, you have to look after the arse and back a little bit…

  3. That’s just gorgeous, imagine sitting there with a cup of coffee just reveling in that, I’d not want to go to work. Is there anyone we can ring to bring us a fry?

    P.s why you not on Instagram, or are you and I’m a twat?

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