Forgot to Title… Meh.


I’m currently fighting for space in front of the fire with the two boys. I can’t get a picture as it is too dark, but Lokii is jammed between my thighs and Spot is making sure that I cannot stretch my legs.

Oh wait, iDJ just came in and I got him to take a pic of us. This is live-blogging, folks!


He Himself has recently brought to the house his old electric guitar, and bought a small amplifier. He was just playing, and I tried to get a pic but he stopped too soon. He is going to figure out how to hook up a microphone to the amp so I can sing while he plays. This is something I’ve wanted us to do together for a very long time!


An earlier, ‘action shot’ of Lokii when he was doing his stretching exercises. Along with my feet still in winter indoor booties and the dog bed (brown thing with green fluff) that Lokii is entirely responsible for chewing up. Little shithead.

I think our robins have abandoned the hose-reel nest. They weren’t expecting us to be outside so much, or throwing smoke in their faces every weekend when we grill. iDJ just loves to grill.


Not taken tonight: this was last weekend. But since I have shared kitty pics, I must include a doggie pic of Neko looking so sad that she can’t have BBQ. Tonight we are having sausages, drumsticks, and my homemade hamburgers. Maybe an ear of corn for me, if I get up away from the lovely fire and open the oh-so-difficult package of Spanish corn for him. *snark*

Back to the birds – we bought them dried mealworms. Because, supposedly, robins love them. I opened the package and they smelled really good. So I ate one. On purpose, and all. It actually wasn’t bad – like popcorn without butter and salt. Nicely crunchy, a slight taste of fat. So maybe they just need warming, and salt.

It didn’t bother me to eat one, as mealworms don’t have legs or a distinctive head. Does that even make sense? Maybe I’ve just been reading too much about alternatives to protein in our diets and wanted to give it a go. Seriously, it wasn’t disgusting at all. 

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  1. Lord almighty I’m glad Josh will be back soon with a snack for me! I’ve had such a busy day that I didn’t really have time to eat and the picture of your grill is making me incredibly hungry.

    The boys are adorable as ever. Is it still so cool there that indoor booties are required? It got to near 80 here today. I’m wearing capri pants and sandals and am quite comfy.

    Must be nice to have a fella that knows how to play. Josh has a beautiful guitar that he still hasn’t learned to play. And he’s against the idea of lessons for some odd reason. Boys.

    • It is still chilly. Meant to have great sun this weekend, but if it is windy like tonight, I’ll be very unhappy.
      Himself is an artist on the grill. It’s wonderful – he couldn’t cook a thing when we married. I used to have to bbq! What man lets that happen?!? Thankfully he has learned and now everything is smoked and just perfect.
      He has been gifted with the most amazing guitar ever – my dad’s 1967 acoustic Guild. And he loves it. But – the energy he is getting from the electric is, well, electric! Dude isn’t just a DJ, he can play all guitars and drums, too. I can only sing, and he says I’m good so I have to appreciate that, with his knowledge!

  2. Nothing like a barbeque! That looks delicious! Think I’ll stick with that instead of the mealworms if it’s all the same to you! 🙂

  3. Have the wood heater going tonight too..thing is we are six weeks from winter and had really mild weather…still no rain as such..a smattering the other day..while I was wrecking my photo files I found some of the dam from 3 years ago….I know it is down but mannn it is super send any rian our way and btw thanks so much for the offer of help…think I have rescued idea how…but I am getting there 🙂 xx

  4. Glad to see everyone’s doing good. 🙂 I find myself wondering how your cats and Neko are doing. Also, I totally would have tried one of those mealworms. I’ve had the flavored packaged insects and…live moths, but that was on a dare while drunk. Lol.

      • Aww, that’s sweet! Those poppies are all over the place here right now. I found the bugs in novelty candy stores. I even found some flavored crickets in a fruit stand type place once. 🙂

        • That is mad. I live in a place where people over a certain age think pizza is weird. Not that I’m complaining! It would be such a culture shock to me to see something like that for sale. Any new art in the works? Your sense of humour is so perfect!

          • Yeah, living in CA gives me everything culinary-speaking . Colorado not so much. I don’t think I could live in a place with no variety. I know someone from Ireland who is working out here and even he complains about the food there, haha. Anyway, I’m always tinkering away at something, but my comics have sort of taken a back seat due to life upheaval. I’m sure hoping to get back into the groove on that soon. And thank you, that’ll cheer me up all day. 🙂

  5. NIce to see residents of your realm are taking care of staff. One last cool front is meandering this way, and we’ll relish it…already been in the 90’s this spring. A bit too warm for Molly and me!
    Somehow grilling can slip into the meditation category?

  6. You talk abut the robins, then switch to a different topic, and then: “Back to the birds – we bought them dried.” Huh? Ok, that’s not what you actually said, but that’s what I read at first. It was confusing for a second haha!

    I love that picture of the meat being grilled while the dog is watching in the background. I’m sure she was salivating, hoping to get some!

    • Trust you to pick on my language instead of commenting on the fact I ate a worm! Ha!
      She can drool all she likes – ain’t gettin’ any of it! She always looks that pathetic anyway.

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