A Galaxy of Growing


I’m going to experiment. I know a lot of you have been having issues with WordPress. The only problem I’ve had, using the app on my iPad, is that when I save a post to finish later, the date is totally wonky. I’ve done a few updates since last I tried to save a post, so we will see if it behaves or misbehaves.

It is officially spring because I have my rainbow toes back!  Might be actually our first and only Irish summer – it’s been very sunny and dry, but annoyingly windy. 

I don’t have blooms on anything but dandelions at the moment, but the lilies out back have gotten a lot larger since I last shared a picture.

March 6…

Today! I tried to take the same pic from the same angle… As you can see, they have gotten away from me very fast!

Whoa, where did all that come from?

 Gorgeous from above! Eventually they will be nearly as tall as I am, which is 5ft8in or almost 173cm, so I won’t get many more chances to take pictures from above.

Of course, I have bought more plants. Because, you know, you can never have enough! (Dammit, the app just crashed. Now if it goes all weird I won’t know exactly why.)


“Toad lilies”. Aren’t they the coolest? Little Babylon 5 spaceships. I’ve planted these inbetween my hostas, and they are coming up the tiniest bit. I’m very excited about them.

Also bought some new lilies.


 And some more of the same ones I already have. The peace rose was €1.99. I couldn’t resist. As to the pixels mix – I have a bunch of the dark red ones but SFA of the other colours, so I’m hoping I have something new anyway.


 Another new plant – zantedeschia rehmanni – wish it luck! I have to stop going to Aldi, I go a bit crazy.


Seed-wise, I’m starting both of these again. I didn’t get any zinnia last year. I also never shared pictures of the godetia, even though it lasted all the winter in bloom before it croaked.


 I also uprooted my daisy-like weeds and am growing shasta daisies for iDJ instead. A new type of rudbeckia, too.


Three more new ones – iDJ wanted the nicotania and the odd-looking gazania. I am desperate for Gerbera daisies – they cost so much as an established plant that I was thrilled to get them as seeds.

 I think that is enough for now! 

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  1. That’s a great price on the roses! Love all of these, except the hosta, but I hate them in general. I can’t get rid of the one that was planted outside of the apartment before we moved in. It won’t go away!

    • Hope it lives -bare root rose and quite small. The bigger I one got last year is very happy even tho it is still in its ugly pot! My Hostas are now self-seeding, as well as getting wider every year. I might start selling them off or giving them away. I have mine in a dark mossy place so nothing else will really like it there – except for the toad lilies, supposedly.
      Thanks for the toe-love! I have done this for years just because I like it, but next month Ireland is having a marriage equality referendum and it doesn’t hurt to show my support for a yes vote!

  2. Absolutely love the pedicure! Very sassy.

    I love all your chosen plants…I’m a huge fan of flower gardening. Our growing season here in MN is still about a month away so I sit here twiddling my thumbs, growing nothing yet. I can’t grow a gerbera daisy to save my life, whether started from seed or as a full plant…they always get fungal diseases. Drives me nuts because I like them as cut flowers, but could never get the plant far enough along to have any in my house. I can’t wait to see how your garden looks as the season progresses. 🙂

  3. Love your garden. Growing so many things is just amazing. I’ve been eating a whole lot of backyard vegetables and herbs this year, although unfortunately one of those things is cilantro, which I hate. Lol.

  4. Seed catalogs and packets have some of the most wonderful images. I love the coloring of Peace Roses…actually all roses are wonderful – can’t wait until the refurbished rose garden in the big park downtown is finished..such lovely place to walk among all the sweet smells.
    Great purple and blue polishes – nice against the green grass.

  5. So you empty your pockets at Aldi? Now you know exactly how I behave when I visit my favorite live fish store. Now add to the equation that I now work there. It’s just ridiculous how so much of my paycheck just goes back to the store. My advice is: Don’t ever work at Aldi haha!

    • I’d be in more trouble if I worked at a garden centre. Everything they threw out would end up at my house. Last time I was at one, I badly wanted to take bulbs out of the bin.

      I also once rescued guppies from the hot asphalt outside a pet shop – they literally tossed them out the door with the dirty water! I was horrified.

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