Cows, Trolls, and Windshield (Windscreen) Wipers


I’m going to have to title this after I’m done rambling. My brain is all over the shop! Probably I should break this up and do a few posts rather than dumping everything in my noggin out on the screen and stirring it up to see what rises to the surface. 

I’m going crack open my egg and get out a big wooden spoon to see what happens, anyway.

I had to come to a first-gear-and-hazards-on stop this morning on the way into work, as there was a cow in the road. I immediately learned that they don’t like being honked at – said cow jumped from the side of the road to directly in front of my car. When you drive a Mini, a cow is huge! Hmm. How is the farmer going to know they lost a coo if I don’t honk my horn? Cow is now looking for food on the centre line of the asphalt…honk! Whew, I only had to go entirely into potential oncoming traffic to creep past.

Think my use of hazard lights caught on – the car behind me did the same. I used them again to warn a car coming the other way, too. Irish life!

I am still irritated over some jackass who tried to troll me on FB. I know I did the right thing by not engaging, but the instinct for “I should have said” is strong in me. Probably because I was bullied so much as a kid. The great thing about the Internet is you have plenty of time to come up with those “I shoulda said’s”. The terrible thing about the Internet is that sometimes you have to still keep that shit to yourself as it isn’t worth it. I have no need to explain myself to an aggressive total stranger who took my words entirely out of context and called me an obnoxious narcissist with bad taste in music who bullies others and looks down on other cultures. No, no I do not – nothing I could have said was going to change his mind. But it still pisses me off to no end that someone thinks that about me – or said it to get a rise out of me. 

I felt better for a while, and actually laughed when my only response was ‘Go troll someone else’ and his was ‘take your own advice’. Seriously, he pulled the kindergarten, “I know you are but what am I?” card? So very troll. Fuck him.

Just wish I wasn’t still thinking about it. Wonder if it is a form of PTSD? Not belittling PTSD, don’t get me wrong. It’s just … it’s been days; get out of my head already!

I changed the wiper blades on the car today. Why does that have to be so damn difficult? I can assemble furniture or anything IKEA like a boss – I repair all kinds of weird stuff at work that I’ve never seen before – but those tiny diagrams on the wiper blade box baffled me. I kept the crappy old blades in the car just in case I screwed it up – again. I already screwed it up once, and had to put the rotten one back on. The new bastard was whistling while wiping. Something so common should not take 20 minutes to do!

Right, I think that is enough. I’ll save the plant stuff for another day, when I’m not all stuck in my melon. 

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  1. Wow, what a day!

    It’s funny, or not, what words on a screen can do to us sometimes. Sorry you had to deal with that. ((hugs)) Now imagine he’s a cow, and get around him. Or something like that.

  2. Whatever that feeling is, I get it, too. Near constantly. If you ever find a way to get past it please let me know. Until then, we’ll just keep flipping those fucking trolls a virtual hand gesture. 🙂

  3. OK, i won’t go there about the trolls since had my share as a blogger, mostly ON blogger. That’s why I’m now on WP, tho growing dissatisfied with that too. Hoping you are having better days and nights, cows here get in the road and you literally have to bump their big rumps to move them. Dairy cattle are the worse as they grow so used to human beans.

    Wishing you a peaceful day!

    • Post-traumatic stress disorder. Used to be called shell shock in veterans, but victims of crime get it, too. I’m not comparing my bullying with any of that, just looking for reasons why it still bothers me nearly a week later!

      Please tell me no one trolls your blog!!! They will have an army after them if they do 🙂

      • Ah yes, thank you. Only once did I get a woman who was a little misguided about the food thing. But I ignored her and eventually she gave up, though I could not stop her posting twisted words on her blog. It felt awful to be lumped in with the feed lots. But there you are.. I also obsessed over it for days and days.. I knew that nothing I said would help anything it would only add fuel to the fire so I shut my mouth and my keyboard and fumed. It is such a shock isn’t it when someone attacks you.. anyway.. over now for both of us! and back to work for me! c

  4. “It’s just … it’s been days; get out of my head already!”

    There’s a saying for everything so here’s one that fits your thought: Don’t let them rent space in your brain. It’s never, ever worth it. Now, that is easier said than done.

  5. WIPER BLADES!!!!!!!! I just replaced mine. Spent the first ten minutes negotiating with my wipers to just take the new blades. Then all of a sudden they just slid on effortlessly. Damn things.

  6. I hate trolls. There are a couple that wait for new bloggers and blob in to be obnoxious – they use the same phrases/comments every time – ones that are really mean and upsetting especially if you are just starting out. When I spot them on a blog, I usually contact the blogger and let them know the the game and to ignore/delete them…..but you know it bothers you for days anyway.
    Cow alert! Sounds like you need a cow catcher scoop like a vintage train ( giggles.) The only thing worse is a lazy buffalo in the road. (Not ever gonna honk that that jumbo guy)

  7. Changing wipers is ridiculously difficult. Changed them once, and then realized that my mechanic would do it for free if I buy new wipers at the same time I have him perform an oil change. Never had to deal with changing wipers again. And yet, I’ve built two aquarium stands from scrap last summer.

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