Dunmoran Strand, Co Sligo – the Beach


Today I’m sharing big beach pictures, including some telephoto lens ones. Yep, had to swap the lenses out, what a difference from the iPhone, eh?

This is where I was taking the rock pool photos.

Well, up there, actually. But it isn’t as pretty as the first photo.

I walked close to the waterline, and turned inland to see the tide still draining out. I did get a couple of people in this. Hope they don’t mind.

Only one human in this pic! It’s a big beach, plenty of room to yourself. 

iPhone and Hipstamatic app for a change. A couple and their dog walking the waterline.

Telephoto lens; I found a lighthouse! It is just a speck in the previous picture. I think I like this camera. I should have edited this to make it level. I’ve not had to edit at all until now.

Leaving the rock pools behind me. Do you see how the rocks aren’t flat, but angle upward a bit? That gets more pronounced further south.

I’m going this way next…

But before I go, a telephoto shot of Queen Mabh’s (or Maeve’s) Cairn, on top of Knocknarea.

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  1. Can’t help but envy your variety of geological features. It’s flat, flat, flat here. You even have texture with all the rock by the beaches and water….we have chunks of concrete…imported and dumped.
    #3 and #4 both have refections – and water rippling textures contrasted with the smooth solid sand and lumpy trees.
    The next to last one has such wonderful blue shapes in puddles and water that leads the eye in and up to the sky. Good composition.
    Enjoyed all the pix. Nicely done

    • More interesting rocks to come. Seems our whole coast sits on a tilt to the sky.
      Yucky about the concrete – we had much the same in FL as there was no rock. Our beautiful pure white beaches were nearly ruined by contractors using Georgia red clay as foundation material! Eejits.
      So glad no one can, or wants to, mess with Ireland’s coast the same way.
      Thank you for the photo critique – I get giddy and forget that I’m meant to compose most of the time. Pretty! pretty! pretty! Snap snap snap 🙂

  2. Oh what WONDERFUL photos! And DAMN that telephoto lens kicks ass. I had to go back to the previous pic and squint to find the spec.

    I’ve just been thinking about my visit to you guys. What a lovely time I had. I miss you so much my dear. Thank you for sharing these pics. I can almost smell the water and the wind. *sigh*

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