Dunmoran Strand, County Sligo


My dears, I had an amazing new adventure yesterday! It was a beautifully sunny and barely windy day, and Ireland was supposed to have record low-tides. So of course I wanted to go find some rock pools to gawk at, and photograph! I had our super-duper, fancy-pants camera (Nikon D3100 – fancy to me anyway) and I managed not to screw up the shots or the camera. So, who wants to come with me to the beach in County Sligo? 

These are close up photos of the tiny rock pools at Dunmoran during low tide. 

So much life in each tiny pool. 

The brown globs are beadlet anemones (Actinia equina) all curled in and hopefully not drying or dying in the sun. There are also common limpets (Patella vulgata – the greeny-pale ones that come to a point at the top, and a variety of snails and other things I can’t easily identify. I like the pink stuff: sea-fans? My Irish wildlife book is no help, nor is the internet. I am beginning to see a need for a proper post for identifying everything.

Three little pools in a row, each one different.

An open anenome! Yay! On a previous occasion I have gently stuck my finger into one. I didn’t get stung but it did feel a bit tingly. 

So much variety! Not the sort of thing I’d ever see growing up in Florida. We didn’t have rocks.

This is the whole reason I wanted to go to the coast. This picture, this experience. Seeing this creature enjoying a sunny day just like I was thrilled me to bits. So beautiful; I could have sat there for hours watching it and taking pictures.

But more beach, and more adventures awaited me, so I had to move on.

To be continued!


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  1. I love rockpools…have some super pics of a natural wonder from the Coral Sea..i must post..and hey the camera you have is the same one I use and it has been my bestie for nearly four years..and the only one I use for my blogs 🙂 great snaps 🙂

    • You must, please! I know we have the same gear, isn’t it great? I’m learning, slowly. The telephoto lens worried me as I’m shaky-handed, but they turned out good too. Also used the sport setting while physically moving the camera to catch birds in flight, it isn’t perfect but better than I’ve done before!
      Did I freak you out asking for the roo skull? I’m sorry if I did, I have a small collection and while I know I’m weird, it would be a treasure to me.

      • Which len’s do you have? I have been using mine on manual and working through the different manual settings I am pretty happy with the results …mostly! no you didn’t freak me out..the carrion have taken the poor roo away..all bits and bobs,nature is a thorough cleaner..i don’t think customs would have been happy either:)

        • I don’t think customs would care! Just say it’s a bit of driftwood or something 🙂
          The lenses aren’t stock – Nikon DXVR1855 Nikkor, and the telephoto is DX55-200 Nikkor. So the non-telephoto is the fancy one, with the VR apparently! Hubby is still giving me details… I kinda tuned out…

          • All gone now anyway..very efficient eagles and foxes here…the 55-200 is a really good lens and pretty versatile it should also be VR too ..I have the same lens and both are really good..Brutus is the fave at 150-500mm a Sigma lens and just fine..can see spots on Mars and the new lens is a wide angle and pretty happy with that too..also a Sigma…I have found them to be quite good lens and a lot cheaper as well…Sigma make a lot of lens with Nikon mounts 🙂 handy I say 🙂 yep you can tend to tune out with the details though haaaha 🙂

  2. Look up “barnacle”. There are literally thousands on these pictures, and you haven’t even mentioned them.

    Astounding pictures! Impressive how a shore looks nothing like another shore. Although we have a lot of pools here to make up these tiny pools, none of the creatures living there are the same. Different algae, different snails. There aren’t any anemone here, but you’d find hundred of little crabs instead.

    • Yes, everyone knows a barnacle, silly! But I couldn’t be arsed to research what species they all are, so didn’t bother.
      I didn’t see any crabs, actually – Florida was full of them too. Including tasty tasty blue crabs 🙂

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