Anyone Want to Tell Me Why…


…I have an azalea blooming in mid-November?


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  1. Because apparently nobody has a true autumn anymore. It’s summer, winter, and back again. Sometimes in the same week.

    Very pretty!

    • That is unusual for your area, I’d guess! Not the snow.
      Hello and nice to meet you! I can’t follow you back just yet as I’m 400 emails behind in all the OTHER blogs I follow, but if you pop back in and say hello now and again, I won’t forget you!

    • Ewww 🙂 I still have loads of green, and flowers still in bloom. Some are new and I have no idea how long they last anyway. But the azalea…I think of them as Florida shrubs, warm-weather lovers. The leaves fall off very easily when touched, that’s not too good I think.

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