I’m NOT Gunna do Something Crazy-Fun…


They canceled for lack of participants. Heartbroken, me.

Next year… heavy sigh.

Here’s a pic of Lokii looking sad on my behalf.


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          • Weird skin, yes, I can relate. My dermatologist has be changing everything every day and taking a warm shower with antibacterial soap on all of it from the neck down. Once a week I get to douse myself in a heavy duty antibacterial shit. It’s The Suck.

            • That is super sucky. I’m more along the lines of I can’t get the dead skin off fast enough. I’d have to have a 2 hour hot bath with intense exfoliation to feel good for a day, then it starts all over again. Showers? Next to useless. So whether I have one daily or weekly I still itch like fuck…. Weekly wins!

            • I’m guessing you’ve tried damn near everything for this, but have you ever used a washcloth hand knit from cotton? Sounds odd, but that’s all I use anymore and it’s great for scrubbing without bleeding.

            • I’m in no danger of bleeding, it’s more like I’m trying to get a layer off of leather! I once, no lie, tried using waterproof sandpaper. It did the job but yeah, that caused a bit of bleeding when it took off the top of every damn ingrown hair. I use those exfoliating gloves now. My pharmacist said to try coal-tar soap. Said it stinks like hell though!

            • I make a salt scrub for Josh that works pretty well, and it’s totally easy. You mix Epsom salt with baby oil to make a paste that’s wet but not runny. He uses that to get the wood stain off his arms and legs. Might help, definitely inexpensive and easy.

  1. Ah! I’m sorry for you! I would have loved to have a report from you (that is, someone who won’t fall easily for sorcery or gimmick trickery). This picture of Lokki is fabulous though!

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