Black and White One – Mary and Spot


I love the Hipstamatic application – I love the setup I use, anyway. I’ve never gotten around to playing with the dozens of other ways the app can be used. I know my favourite grouping of lens & film will always capture the image I see in my head.

I have too many good ones to share all at once – I’ve just realised this as I started uploading. I’ll only do a couple at a time.

Taken inside a local pub.

My good boy Spot on a sunny day.

A reminder: these photos are under my copyright and cannot be shared without permission and a link to the original source, this blog. Thanks! (don’t make me have to watermark the shit out of these, okay?)

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  1. Great photos but have to say that your remarks about not having to watermark the SHIT out of them made me really laugh…. i hear you! Very sick of this business of stealing. May the force be with you..

    • Thanks!

      Can you imagine if Monet had to paint his name and address slap across the middle of Woman with a Parasol? Not saying I’m any Monet but it would be nice to share without needing to graffiti my own work!

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