Take a Deep Breath and Swallow


A family of swallows made a nest under an overhang at work.

They grow so fast! Last week all four babies took their first flights.

Some were better at landing than others. The flying seemed easy for them – just not the landings.

One crashed into a box inside and knocked itself silly. Little birdie was handed to me, so I could make a rescue attempt. He was scared, but not shivering, so I thought there was a chance still. I took him outside and set him on a quiet curbstone to recover.

After about 10 minutes, I could see he had perked up but was still dangerously close to the ground. I went back out to check on him…

He let me stoke the back of his neck, where birds like being petted best. But he still didn’t fly away, so I took the chance to get pictures with my iPhone.

I got one of the best shots I ever have taken!


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  1. That is a very good pic! Thanks for sharing this story…it’s nice to remember to take the time to help nature out where we can….

  2. Good shots! I had a little bird die in my backyard. He fell out of the nest and then couldn’t follow mom and his/her sibling over our back wall. Mom just left him I guess because if he couldn’t keep up, what could she do? Natural selection sucks. Hope your birdy was able to fly.

    • Aww. Found one dead in my back garden too, but think it was from old age. He could fly, but was rubbish at landings. When he was airborne, mom & dad came swooping around to help guide him but it didn’t work very well!

  3. 2-3 years ago, a bird entered our store. The cashier was panicked, she feared birds. How could you be afraid of a small bird? I don’t know. Fortunately, I knew exactly what to do. Sometimes, it pays to read and learn useless stuff, sometimes it turns out to be useful after all.

    I knew I had to use a blanket, sheet, towel or something similar. So I picked my own coat and followed the bird around the store. You need to understand than the bird wants the same thing as you: to get out. But you can’t force a bird to fly toward the door or one particular spot. I followed it hoping to be able to get it stuck in a corner or a smaller area. Eventually, it tried for an open fridge with the dairy products. That was my chance. I came slowly and thrown my coat over it. It was stuck. So I wrapped the bird in my coat and brought it outside.

    It was tempting to try to touch it, but it was scarred and I didn’t want to scare it more. It took it a few seconds to realize it was free, and eventually just flew away.

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