Black and White Two – the Aneala and a Druid’s Glen


More Hipstamatic shots!
Taken on the Mayo Coast near Killala a ship out of water.

Taken while driving near Kilkelly – hence the blur, which I think makes the shot. I always call out ‘druid’s glen!’ when the trees meet over the road.

A reminder: these photos are under my copyright and cannot be shared without permission and a link to the original source, this blog. Thanks! (don’t make me have to watermark the shit out of these, okay?)

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  1. Great shots sweets…and even watermarks don’t stop em….jerks people who steal watermark is the details on the’s all time stamped…like I said jerks..:) loves Fozziemum xx

  2. The boat is remarkable pix. The texture as well as the angle ( and the “newer” one peeking from behind. Quite worthy of a story.
    Of course the overhanging trees are always mysterious- with the shadow it looks more abstract and whirling motion than trees

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