Flowers Flowers Everywhere and not a Bee to Drink


I’ve definitely noticed there are no honeybees in my garden this year. White-tailed bumblebees by the dozen, but ‘normal’ bees? Not one. I think I will have a chat with my two immediate neighbours and ask if they mind if I try a hive next year. I know my garden/yard is too small, and the dog will go mental until she finally eats one and finds out why she shouldn’t eat flying things… but it’s bad, I tell you. Butterflies are also very rare the last few years.
Last year I got seed out of my little irises (which I planted and it’s growing!). I didn’t even take pictures of my iris this year as they only lasted a few days. The seed heads are nonexistent, too – shrivelled unfertilised dry lumps. I have to wonder why not, and make correlations.

On to happier news. My much loved lavender rose has bloomed twice since last I did a flower update. This one is gone now.

But this just opened up to say hello today!

Don’t mind the bird-poop – the wee finches just adore the giant weed-tree I transplanted into that corner. It’s a grey willow and I know it annoys the neighbour on that side as he cut it back himself last year. I have no problem with that – but when the lilac I grew from seed is ready, I want to put it there and I wouldn’t want it pruned without a discussion first. It’s only about a foot tall still, so time enough. I’ll feel bad for the birdies though, as they adore the massive ugly thing.

Crocosmia lucifer about to bloom…

Crocosmia lucifer in bloom. A reminder for new folks – hubby dug this up for me out of a patch of waste ground nearby. It looks amazing in massive clumps – ours are several years away from clumps still.

Can you believe these are potato flowers? Me either! So delicate and lovely. You would wear clothing made out of such fine material, wouldn’t you? The lowly ‘tater; a bloom on it as silken and soft as a gown that the Queen of Carnival at Mardi Gras would be proud to wear.

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  1. Pretty! Yeah, bees are hit or miss here too, which is kind of scary considering how important they are overall.

    • There aren’t too many crops locally, but a lot of gardeners. I am one of the few in my estate trying to grow veg as well as flowers. I hope my neighbours will be willing to accept the idea – I don’t know anything about bee keeping but it seems if we don’t start trying to help them, it will be too late.

  2. That red flower is gorgeous – what a find. I love rescued plants. They seem to do so well – and seem so happy to find a pleasant spot.
    We’ve a few honey bees. The like the basil plant and assorted other basic flowers. Molly finds them fascinating, but they don’t seem to mind in the least – very busy little ones. Not sure if they are from a hive nearby or a few wild ones on their own. But we like their visits.
    The farmy and Ci surly could help with advice if you try to start a hive?

    • Lots of people have them in their gardens, and I’ve seen the rhizomes for sale in magazines. These just naturalised in a plot of blackberry bramble. Brave hubby! Lol We also have a different crocosimia in orange we dug up, but it’s not nearly as large or stunning.

      I might ask Ms C for advice if I get serious about this – her new German brood (or was that Russian?) sound like they might survive here.

  3. That’s what a potato flower looks like? Why ever haven’t I some of those out back!?!

    My neighbor Gardener Jesus has hives, whose bees come and cluster around my mint plants, and so does my boyfriend’s brother who is a spavined and self-important idiot, so if he can do it you surely can.

    • Wonder if I can get bees that don’t actually make much honey – I can’t be arsed messing around with that sticky mess!

      Not all of my taters bloom – no idea why some do and some don’t.

    • Hello! And I expected the rose to be your favourite for some reason 🙂

      Where are you? It’s pretty wet and cool here, not a great amount of sun either. I have poor luck with tomatoes, but the tigridia is meant to be native to South America and it like it here, so who knows…

  4. Yes, we’re getting deeply worried about the lack of bees. Even considering a hive ourselves. They do attract bees as we’re seeing bees on our lavender this year for the first time in many years. Hope your neighbours are sensible.

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