It’s back and beautiful!

This was taken last evening, when I first spotted the potential bloom:

This morning!

By the time I got home from work, it was folded in and silent – but there are two more buds ready for the morning, I can tell!

I’m so fascinated with this plant. It seems such a shame that the flower lasts only one day, but it is entirely amazing how fast the buds come into flower. This thing should be studied for potential growth-hormone benefits.

Oh! I collected seeds last year, and they sprouted like mad things. While the babies are only a few inches tall this year, I have hopes for next year! I might dig up my whole front patch of garden and plant these instead, I love them so! Can you imagine a field (okay a tiny field) of these in bloom? Wow!

Here’s the question on my mind, though – I get these beauties for just one day, and of course I take photos. Do you want to see these every damn day? Maybe I could do a weekly post – tigridia Tuesday or some such? Whatchoo think?

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  1. That’s a pretty amazing flower. Only one day? Talk about beauty fading quickly.
    A whole field of them would be movie set magic.
    Pictures OK with me…but if you are planning to use the same one and pass it off as a new one then sneaking off and to have fun instead of slavishly posting like the rest of us….(Giggles – just kidding!…but maybe an idea – wonder what flowers are still alive outside here…..)

    • My version of a heat wave is today – it was 22.5c or 72.5f! It was humid and warmweird 🙂 Massive thunderstorms (a rarity) rolling in tonight supposedly. Battened down the hatches as best I could!

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