Help needed from Ireland and England!


What the HELL is tearing up my garden?

All along the walls in our back garden, something has been digging. This was a month ago:


This was two weeks ago:


It’s much, much worse now. What the hell could it be? It’s not birds, or cats, or our dog. I doubt a fox or badger would come in our wee space – the gate is very low and the space is small and reeks of dog.

Could we have a resident hedgehog? What the hell else could be doing this? Helppppp ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. This looks like what my next door neighbours hens do to my garden lol
    If it is a hedgehog though, remember oven gloves if you have to rescue them. If its hibernation season and they have been disturbed, they get very disorientated and the cold can wipe them out pretty quick. They are usually in dear places, like under planks, stones, in discarded pipes and that kind of thing.

      • They are dear little things, it’s okay! Heheh. We think it is coming in under the gate and leaving again – but getting braver. I’m sure I have slugs a-plenty to snack on! I put a bowl with exactly 20 pieces of dog kibble in it in the shed – we’ll see if any goes missing!

          • It’s not been that cold here – I still have sweet peas alive and happy out front. We looked under the oil-tank yesterday, nothing. Really not too many places to shelter in my garden! Might be coming in under the gate (there is a good gap) from an old stone wall just around the corner. Luckily the dog is only out to do her business and right back in again…

            • I have a tendency to throw my good homemade compost at the base of the walls when there is too much of it – so that area is probably chock-full of worms and slugs. I don’t mind – the grass is still there but the moss is flung about ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My instinct would be to look at the gutter above. If it’s broken, or filled with dead leaves, the large amount of water coming in from the roof could do something very similar to this. Though normally not directly along the wall, because roofs are usually slightly longer than the wall. That was my first idea anyway when I saw the pictures, but then the comments about a hedgehog make sense too. I sure want to see the pictures if you catch it!

    • No gutter – it’s a dividing wall between properties. Only has a small cap a few centimetres wider than the wall. Plus, it’s only in a couple places, the moss has been dug out and flung around but not the grass. I don’t think it is birds because there aren’t any tracks, and no poop. I hope what ever it is is warm and safe today – being hailing off and on for hours now!

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